Sunday, February 20, 2011

Between a rock and a… nose???

Y’all. Seriously. My child may send me to the loony bin. Friday afternoon, Zach picked Ava up and she was crying that her nose hurt. She’d had a runny nose and we just thought maybe it was raw from us wiping her nose.

So, when I got home and tried to wipe it, she SCREAMED. Ok. That was unusual so we just rubbed some medicine on the outside and she said it was better.

Every time we’d try to blow her nose over the next two days, the same thing would happen. She woke up this morning and after getting out of the shower, her eye looked a little swollen and irritated. We went on to church and during church, she had a little snot with a tiny bit of blood coming out of her nose. I figured we’d need to probably make a trip to the doctor tomorrow. A while after we got home, I noticed a long trail of snot and tried to wipe her nose. She freaked, kicking and screaming and going crazy.

I told Zach to get a flashlight so we could look at her nose. It didn’t look irritated. Zach yelled at me to get the tweezers and I came in with them and he said “She has a rock in her nose.” Are you freaking kidding me?!?! So I go in there and can totally see a rock amidst all the snot. Just keepin’ it real, here. Zach was able to just wiggle her nose a little and worked the rock out with his hands. So after that, I was thankful and thought maybe we were clear. Oh no. Then Zach realized there was another one in there, only much higher!

At this point I realized we probably needed to get some help. I didn’t know whether to go to the walk-in clinic or the ER. On our way home, we passed one walk-in clinic and no joke, every single parking space was filled. I wasn’t crazy about the ER option either. My mom told me to call our pediatrician’s answering service b/c he’s been known to meet people at the ER and if that was the case, maybe we wouldn’t have to wait as long. Well, in between calling the answering service, and them calling me back, Ava sneezed twice and after the second one, the second rock came flying out.

We don’t think there are any more up there, but the nurse who called us back told us to definitely monitor her and her breathing today and to follow up with her doctor tomorrow to make sure there are no more rocks. I’m also concerned about an infection just because after having rocks blocking her sinuses for 2 days, it could be possible. Her eye still looks awful and I can’t help but think it’s all related.

And here they are, folks!IMG_2313 The round one was the one that came out first. The flat one was wedged quite a ways up there. Praying, praying, praying that there are no others in there.

What else is this girl going to throw our way?!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! That poor kiddo! Whenever I had a serious wreck and was thrown out, whenever I was at the hospital they seen I had rocks in my nose as well, and boy was it painful! Love her heart!

  2. Poor Ava! SO glad the rocks came out on their own!! I hope she's on the mend now!

  3. Oh my!! I'm surprised Noelle hasn't thrown this one our way ;) I'm glad they came out on their own and I hope Ava's eye is all better today! xoxo, Kelly

  4. ohhhhhhh ava! i couldn't help but think of y'all today as my kids were digging the rocks out of their shoes after recess! so glad they're out and that she's on the way to recovery - funny business aside, i'm sure it was scary!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I am just waiting for the day when GG pulls this! Hope your sweetie is good as new now!




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