Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy birthday Zach!

Happy, happy 30th birthday Zach! I’m so thankful to spend another year with you and I hope this year is filled with so many wonderful things for you!!!!


Thank you for being such a wonderful husband and father. You give so much to us through your hard work and dedication to both us and your job. We are all so proud of you! I have so much fun living life with you – you constantly make me laugh and I’m so thankful the love we have continues to grow and is stronger than ever!

You are the best father I could ever imagine for our children. I’m so thankful for the role you play in their lives and for the way you are so involved in their lives. They love you more than you know!

We love you so much and wish you the happiest year of your life!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sweet memories

It seems like the days are passing by so quickly. There are so many things that I just want to soak in and remember because my kids are just growing up before my eyes. These are just a few random memories I want to remember forever.

Ava fights bedtime so hard, and one evening, she was sitting on the couch watching something on my iPad and I went to put Reed in bed and came back and found her like this just a minute later. IMG_6842

She wanted to take a picture with me one night and on a whim, she grabbed my face and kissed it. I LOVED this, especially because she did it all on her own.IMG_6865

One day last week I got a text from one of Reed’s teachers with this photo. I sat at my desk and cracked up! I love this silly boy and it made my day to see this!!IMG_6871

He has been fighting bedtime like CRAZY lately. He just doesn’t want to go to his bed. So this one night after he screamed in bed for a while, I let him come lay down on the couch. He was asleep almost instantly. I think realized he’s gotten so tall. I just can’t believe he’s so big. IMG_6929

We had a nice day of weather over the weekend and the kids wanted to play outside for a while. As we were out there, Ava said it was “sooooo hot” and went inside. The next thing I knew, she was outside in her bathing suit. Then she got her blanket and sunglasses. 5 going on 15?!IMG_6942

Getting a photo of them together is like pulling teeth. The face Reed is making in this photo is hilarious. He has no poker face. What you see is what you get with him!IMG_6945

Reed didn’t nap very well on Sunday. He woke up after a very brief nap and was still very cranky and whiny. So he snuggled up in my lap and fell back to sleep. It’s so rare that I get snuggles for him, so I put a blanket on and just sat there enjoying that rainy afternoon holding my sweet baby! I love how he put his hand on his little face.IMG_6994 IMG_6999 

I love having this blog to look back on memories. I read old posts sometimes and am amazed at how easy it is to forget. I’m so grateful for this little space and for the memories that fill it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Friday is Zach’s 30th birthday. I’ve known for a while that I wanted to have some sort of surprise party for him, but I truly had no idea what to do or where to have it. A couple of weeks ago, we ate dinner at one of our favorite Mexican places and I noticed a sign that said “party room”. I made him take the kids out to the car so I could pay and inquire about the room!

Once I figured that out, the rest was easy! We surprised him this past Saturday. His parents and grandma came in, my parents came in, and several other friends came! The best part? He didn’t have a clue!!!!!!! Usually I cannot surprise him at all – he always guesses his gifts and I was so hopeful that I could pull this off without him knowing. And I did!!!!


Reed ate pretty much an entire bowl of cheese dip and salsa. He just kept shoveling it in!  IMG_0524IMG_6977 IMG_6972IMG_6976

I was so excited to get to do this for Zach. He works so hard for us and does so much, and I often feel like he inadvertently gets overlooked. He doesn’t like a lot of fanfare over himself but I definitely think 30 is a time to celebrate!! If you’ve never had a surprise party for someone, I highly recommend it – it’s so fun!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It’s party time!

When I’m at home, I love having my Scentsy warmers turned on! They make our house smell so good and they are so cute for decorations too!

I’m hosting a Scentsy party right now! You can click RIGHT HERE to shop my party.

I’m going to share a few of my warmers with you that I absolutely LOVE!

Cream Tulip Lampshade Warmer

IMG_6876 I love this warmer! It is SO pretty in person. It’s on my mantle and I have it on almost all the time. They also have a gold one and new white one which I think would be so pretty too!!

Easter Egg Scentsy Warmer

IMG_6877I got this warmer last year and LOVE it. It is SO cute!!! Not only that, once Easter is over, you can leave the top of the egg off and just use it as a cute spring warmer!   IMG_6880 This month you can order this warmer and three bars (Coconut Lemongrass, French Lavender, & Jumpin’ Jellybean) for $30! This is an AWESOME deal!!!

Etched Core Silhouette Scentsy Warmer


I love this etched core warmer. It’s a plain white warmer and you can get numerous wraps to go around it so it’s an easy way to change out the look of the warmer. They have seasonal wraps as well and this warmer stays out at my house year round!

There are so many more that you will have no problem finding something that fits your personality! Not only that, there are so many scents to choose from. Ava and Reed love helping me smell my scents and choosing which one we will put in the warmers!

Scentsy also makes home fragrances (items like room sprays, air fresheners, & hand soaps); laundry products (which makes your laundry smell AWESOME!); bath & body items (shower items, body sprays, lotions, and lip & hand items); and  Scentsy Buddies which are cuddly animals that smell good! There are so many options! If you’ve never tried Scentsy, you should check it out.

If you are local, I have samples of scent bars that you can smell to help you find the scents you love. Just let me know and we can get together so you can smell them!

Party link:

Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting back in the groove

Here we are at Monday morning again. How do the weekends go SO fast?? This one passed incredibly fast. We had a good one though.

Friday morning Ava’s class had their annual St. Jude Trike-a-thon! Ava was super excited for it. Zach and I both got to go watch her ride for a little bit.  IMG_6749

They also brought Reed’s class out to watch. When they came out, they were holding onto their donut rope and it was sooooooooooooo cute! I kind of thought he might try to break away to come say hi to us, but he was so well behaved and just stood and held onto his ring and smiled at us!IMG_6738 IMG_6743

Friday afternoon my sister was in town so she picked the kids up from school. They were happy to see her because it had been a while. She brought them back to our house and they played until Zach and I got home from work. She sent me a text while she was with them that Reed had asked to go potty. We’d been somewhat avoiding potty training even though he’d been showing some big signs of interest.

So, guess what we started Saturday?IMG_6770 I let him pick the alarm sound for the timer on my phone and we set it for every 20 minutes. He did SO great!!!! In the morning he only had one accident!!! He even told me when he needed to go poop!! He did have two accidents Saturday evening, but both times, the alarm had gone off and he was in the bathroom waiting by the potty and I just didn’t get there fast enough for him! He wore a diaper to church Sunday morning and as soon as we got home, we put him back in his underwear. He did really good again on Sunday! We sent undies for him to wear at school today so hopefully it will go well there! I had seriously been dreading doing it but he seemed to adapt pretty well!IMG_6812

Saturday evening Aunt Stephanie came back and she ended up spending the night with us. Ava was thoroughly happy with that!IMG_6816 

After church on Sunday, we didn’t do a whole lot. It was kind of cool and rainy so we just spent a lazy day at home! Sometimes that’s just what we need before starting another busy week!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Confessional Friday

Well, hello darlings! Remember me? It’s definitely been a while since I blogged so I’m coming back today with Confessional Friday.

Confession #1 – It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve blogged (duh). To be honest, it’s been kind of nice having a break. I have some things to share and document so I’m going to slowly get caught up on that before too long.

Confession #2 – I had to go out of town for work this week. I went to Dallas and got to stay in the Gaylord Texan in a big room all to my lonesome. Sometimes some alone time is so good the soul. Of course, I missed my people something fierce. Isn’t this resort gorgeous?gaylord

Confession #3 – While I was on said business trip, I could have punched Zach for sending me the following photo of Ava who was upset because she wanted me. Thanks for me making feel crummy, honey!sadava

Confession #4 – I wasn’t able to watch the How I Met Your Mother finale on Monday night because I was out of town and I managed to not see any spoilers and got to watch Tuesady night. Of course, I’d heard the rumors and was prepared to be angry if they were true. Well, they were true, but thankfully the way the wrapped the show made me feel better about it. I know there was a lot of mixed reactions, but I liked it.

Confession #5 – I got this little Donald Duck for Reed while I was gone. Think he likes it?! :)reeddonalad

Confession #6 – While in Dallas, we hit up Sam Moon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new springy necklace from there!!necklace

Confession #7 – This is our last quiet weekend for the next several ones so I’m hoping to just relax and have some fun. Friday came around fast this week after being out of the office for two days and I can’t say I’m sad about it!!!

Happy weekend, friends!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly recap

When we actually do things other than work and go to school, I love this little blog to have as a record book of fun (and not so fun) important times in our lives. When we are just going through the routine, I don’t have as much to write about and feel like I let it fall by the wayside. I know I’ve been this way in the past and know that the cycle will come back around to where I have more to write about. So until then, it may be once a week that I write. Who knows?

Earlier in the week, Reed shared his funny face with me. I told him he looked like his monster shirt! IMG_6190

We went outside for some play time while Ava and Zach were at gymnastics! We loved the warmer weather we had last night. Reed of course played without his pants on because he always likes to take his pants off! IMG_6198

Right around the time Reed’s first surgery was scheduled, we had planned to take away his paci. He loves it and is majorly attached to it. They stay in his bed and he only has one at bedtime but he is always ready for it when he is getting ready for bed. Well, when we found out he needed surgery, I couldn’t bear to take it away because of the comfort it gave him. Then he had to have another surgery and the cycle continued. As of now, things seem good and so we have plans to shed the paci next weekend when spring break starts. It’s going to be hard and sad for him (I imagine) and I’ll miss one of these last bits of his babyhood. IMG_6201

One morning last weekend Zach noticed Ava had a pink smiley face on her cheek! We hadn’t noticed it the night before. We asked her about it and she said she didn’t remember anyone drawing on her. When I went to get a cloth to clean it off, I found her scrubbing her hand. Apparently she had drawn on her hand the night before and then laid her face on her hand and the smiley face transferred! IMG_6208

We had a fairly quiet weekend other than a birthday party and church. We were excited to get our weekend started.IMG_6238

We didn’t need a whole lot of groceries this week so Zach took Reed to “Wal-Mark” (as Reed calls it) and he was SOOOO excited. He kept saying, “we goin without Ava. we goin without Ava.” :) IMG_6243 

Seriously, how cute is he?!!!IMG_6244

It was so nice to have a relaxing quiet afternoon before we gear up for a fairly busy week. It rained pretty much all day Sunday and it was nice to just stay inside and take it easy. The kids napped well both days and it was nice to have a little quiet time to watch tv in silence!

I love this girl and can’t believe how grown up she is looking. IMG_6249

On Sunday I was going through closets trying to see what kind of clothes we needed for spring/summer and Ava decided to model this season’s bathing suits. She gave us a “fashion show”! Too bad that we had snow flurries mixed in our rain!IMG_6278

That’s all, folks!

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