Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Eleven months old!

Sweet, sweet Grant. You are 11 months old. I wish I could just stop time, if only for a little bit. I love watching you grow and learn, but your momma is sad that we are almost to your first birthday. 

You are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. 

• When you crawl, you do it the right way, but every once in a while you still do it by dragging your leg. 

• You get in to EVERYTHING. If we open the refrigerator or pantry or a cabinet, it's like a censor goes off and you are right there in a hot second. 

• You pull up on everything. You've also started walking along furniture and you've even let go a few times to test the waters. 

• You weight about 22 lbs. 

• You have six teeth. 

• You say dada (your favorite word), mama, hi, bye, bubba (bc that what Reed and Ava have taken it upon themselves to call you), and it sounds like you've said Ava. 

• You wave bye-bye. 

• You wear 9, 12, & 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 

• You love love love eating. This month you tried even more food and we haven't found anything you seem to dislike. Your favorite foods are carrots, Mac & cheese, & yogurt. 

• We struggle to get milk in you. You want food! I have been nursing you in the morning and night but notice my supply is very low. I desperately wanted to make it to a year but I don't think we will. 

• Your favorite toys are a toy phone and the tv remote!

• We went through a few week period where you would stand up and SCREAM when we put you in your bed for a nap or bedtime. Thankfully that has gotten better the last few days. 

• When you get excited about something (like eating!) you kick your feet and you also have what your teachers call excited hands. 

Oh, sweet baby boy. You are what dreams are made of. I cherish and love you so much and can't wait to see your life unfold! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Life Lately

We are down to the last few weeks of school before summer. This time of year gets so hectic with Zach's schedule but we are all eagerly anticipating the slower pace of summer. 

This one has become a force to be reckoned with. He is into EVERYTHING. You always forget this stage until it comes screaming back ;)

These three sure love each other. And they also love bugging each other. I love these little moments, though. 

A couple of weeks ago, a picture of Reed popped up in my timehop. I knew I had this outfit out for Grant and when I got home, Zach had it on him so I had to do a comprising of the boys. 

A couple of weeks ago, my poor sister got really, really sick. She ended up in the hospital and found out she had viral meningitis. She was in the hospital for 10 days and just got out last week. While in there, the catheter from her picc line broke off in her arm and was stuck in her vein for almost 12 hours. She had a really rough go of it. We are glad she is feeling better. We made some treats to send her to the hospital. We couldn't visit because of her being contagious, so we wanted to do something to make her feel better. 

Ava had testing at school last week so she had a different schedule. One day I got a text from Reed's teacher and it was of the kids. Ava's class went to recess at the same time Reed's class was out there and they actually played together. 

One thing I want to remember is that Reed gets mad when he gets picked up from after school care. When he sees me, he yells "OH MAN!" and then proceeds to pout and stomp over to me. This face. :)

And just because I love this baby!

We went to dinner Saturday night to celebrate Zach's birthday and when we got home, we had cake for him. Grant enjoyed the singing and apparently thought it was for him!

Grant enjoyed some cake.

It started raining on Sunday while the kids were outside playing. They didn't want to come in and since it was just rain, I told them they could stay outside to play. They loved it!

And that pretty much catches us up!!

Monday, April 18, 2016

The week Zach was gone

  Well, we survived our week with Zach away. It wasn't too bad, thankfully.

Ava cried when we dropped him off. Reed made us laugh as always. Part way through the week, Ava said she missed him and I asked Reed if he did, and he said no. I asked him why not and he said "I just needed a break from him!" Hahaha!!!

The night before he came home, I took them to Chick-fil-a for dinner. They were good all week and we needed to celebrate!! Grant loved his first taste of the yummy goodness! 

We were all sure happy to have him home!!!!!!

On the Saturday after he got him, Zach took the kids to see Zootopia to spend some time with them. Grant and I stayed home and we both took a two hour nap ha! 

We're glad he had a good time but we were glad to have him home!

AND! Our guy is celebrating his birthday, today! Happy birthday, Zach!! We love you so much and are so thankful for you and all you do for us! I'm excited to spend another year with you!! Love you!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

We had such a wonderful day yesterday celebrating our risen Lord! 

We typically go to church at 8:00 on Sunday mornings so yesterday was no different. Because of this our Easter Bunny visits while we are at church so no one is distracted instead of getting ready. The kids were so cooperative for pictures and I got some great ones!!!

This girl is looking SO grown up

And I mean, can you even???!

And I hit the jackpot on the photo of all three of them! 

My sister was kind enough to attempted a family phoot after church. Well, this is the best we got. 

We got home from church to see what the Easter Bunny dropped off and the kids got to hunt eggs. We were supposed to have rain so the bunny left a big basket of eggs with a note telling the kids that mom and dad would hide the eggs. 

Grant was very interested in the puffs in his basket. He couldn't be bothered with a picture because he wanted to get them out. 

We hid the eggs and left a few out for Grant. He crawled to them and while the big kids were hunting, he popped an egg open and helped himself to a Rolo, wrapper and all. I got it out of his mouth but he was happy to have had a taste!

We went to my grandparents' house for lunch and there were a lot of people there! The kids had fun. After lunch we headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for the annual egg hunt. They have a huge yard that is fantastic for hiding eggs. Even the big kids get to hunt for the "golden" $20 eggs!

This little guy was worn out!!

It was such a great day. We headed back to my grandma's for dessert after egg hunting. We didn't stay long though because we needed to get home. Zach flies out this morning for a week in San Diego for a conference. He will be home on Friday so he needed to finish packing and I needed to get some stuff done to get ready for the week. Here's hoping it goes smoothly!!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ten months old

Today you are ten months old, Grant! I don't like how fast time is passing! In just two short months, we will be celebrating your first birthday. I can't even believe that. 

Let's see what you are up to now:

• You have mastered crawling. You can fly through the house, but you still like to drag that one leg.

• You get in to EVERYTHING. The world is your oyster, now. At first you didn't think you could leave a room, but now you aren't afraid to go anywhere. 

• You pull up on everything. 

• I have no idea what you weigh, but we will find out on Wednesday when you have your belated 9 month check up. 

• You have five teeth. 

• You say dada (your favorite word), mama, and hi. 

• You wave bye-bye. 

• You wear 9 & 12 month clothes and size 3 diapers. 

• You have tried so many new foods: eggs, yogurt, salmon, spaghetti, sausage, black eyed peas, broccoli. Your favorite foods are carrots, Mac & cheese, & yogurt. 

• We have made some changes and now you only nurse in the mornings and evenings. Just this weekend, momma decided to end the feeding/pumping during the day. It just wasn't sensible as production then has slowed way down. I feel a little guilty and like I'm giving up, yet, I am so so unbelievably proud we hung in there 10 months. And at least we still have our nights and mornings. 

• Your favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe and the corn popper. 

• You are still my snuggly baby boy and I love that you are such a momma's boy!!

Thank you, Grant, for ten months of unbelievable joy you bring us!! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting back in the groove

I think I've decided that blogging from my phone is going to be the easiest way for me to keep up these days. With the changes I mentioned to my favorite editing program, it just makes sense to use my phone since all my photos are on there anyway.

We are just trucking along. The month of February has been BUSY. Zach has been gone 2-3 nights every week for the entire month. I'm hoping for things to be a little slower during March.

The kids are doing pretty well - they are growing and getting big and staying sassy!

Reed is a goofball, always and forever. He still says the FUNNIEST things. I can't keep up with this one. He constantly wears me out!

One morning this past week I got to work and found this picture of Ava on my phone. She'd been taking some selfies. I laughed because I had no idea why she was giving a thumbs down. 

Grant is loving eating real foods and one night I just didn't have the time for the mess he would make feeding himself. I was trying to feed him and he was screaming. I'd put a piece of food on his tray and he would stop but as soon as I tried to feed him, he would start up again.

He is also notorious for starting to cry as soon as we get home. He is super happy when we leave school and he doesn't cry all the way home, but as soon as we walk in the door and put him down, he starts screaming. Thank goodness for Ava who likes to help take care of him!

The nights when Zach is gone all evening are hard. I think the hardest is just that Grant doesn't want me to put him down but the other two need dinner, baths, help with homework, etc. They love piling up on me when we get everything done though and I love it, too!

We had a quiet weekend this weekend. At one point, I found Grant on the floor with one of this books and was just babbling away like he was reading it!

And take a look at those chubby thighs. They are the greatest!!! 

We had a few minutes before we had to leave for church Sunday and I got a photo of the kids. I love these sweeties!

This is one of my favorite outfits I've ordered from Ava. She liked it, too!

We are off and running with busyness again this week. It's hard to believe it's already March. Where does the time go?!?!?! 

Monday, February 29, 2016

A case of sickies

Happy Leap Day!

A few weeks ago I got a call from daycare late Monday afternoon that Grant was running fever. I went and picked him up and he wasn't feeling well at all. We came home and I went ahead and made him a doctor's appointment for the next morning.

I took him to the doctor the next morning and they said he he had a double ear infection.=( He had so many days where he was so congested and just yucky. I was glad we had a reason why. 

They called me Thursday afternoon saying he was running fever again. I called the pediatrician and they said since it hadn't been a full 3 days to wait and see how he was on Friday. Well, he woke up with no fever and seemed a little better. But Saturday was miserable. He was so unhappy. We decided later that evening we were going to take him to urgent care on Sunday. 

We woke up Sunday to Ava waking me up saying her ear hurt. She was really lethargic and you could tell she didn't full well. So after church, I took Ava, Grant and myself to urgent care. I'd been having sinus issues and ear pain as well off and on for a few weeks. Well, the doctor said mine was just sinus drainage and fluid on ears and didn't need any meds. He said Grant's ears didn't look too bad but were some red. But he didn't feel like he should change the antibiotic. Ava did have an ear infection so we got her some meds and were on our way.

That week on Wednesday, I picked Grant up and they said he had barely eaten all day. I took him home and he ate a bottle and ate dinner. Later that evening when I was nursing him, I went to switch sides and he threw up. We thought maybe his drainage made him sick, but he got sick a few more times in the next hour and a half. We weren't sure if he had a bug or if he still had infected ears.

He still wasn't himself Thursday. He didn't eat well and was constantly tugging at his ears. When he went to bed that night, this is what he looked like. 

I had called earlier in the evening and got him an appointment for Friday morning. We didn't get to see his pediatrician the first appointment but did this time. He still had a lot of fluid on his ears and his doctor said that could've been why he didn't feel like eating. So we got a new medicine and were hopeful it would help.

The next morning, he woke up around 6:00 and I got in his room and was changing him and Reed came up and said "I threw up". I was like "WHERE did you throw up?" And he pointed to the trash can. Indeed he had. He has major issues with sinus drainage and throws up fairly often so he knows when it's coming and how to get somewhere. But really. What four year old throws up on their own, in a place like a toilet or trash can, and doesn't even tell his parents!?!?! He was sick a few times that day so that kind of confirmed Grant had a bug.

The next morning I felt pretty gross for a while. The bug had been pretty mild for both boys and I think I may have had a touch of it. I laid down and took a nap around noon and woke up feeling much better. This past Tuesday, Ava came home from gymnastics and you could tell she wasn't feeling well. She said her stomach hurt at gymnastics and that it hurt when she stood up but not when she sat down, which is kind of how I felt on Sunday. So I guess we all had a touch of it.

Thankfully Grant seems to finally be feeling much better. It took about a week for his eating to return to normal. I'm hoping that will be the extent of our illnesses for a while!!!!

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