Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 Florida Vacation – Recap #2


So the cabana boy who put out beach chairs and umbrellas for people to rent had a very long drill to drill deep in the sand so the umbrellas wouldn’t fly away. He drilled holes for us each day since we had our own umbrellas. My dad told him one day how much Reed loved drills and he asked Reed if he wanted to drill a hole. Reed was SUPER shy and hesitant at first but was so happy he got to do it! IMG_9683IMG_9689 IMG_9684IMG_9706IMG_9704

Tuesday was a rainy day. We just didn’t have much luck out on the beach during the day, but later that afternoon/evening, the rain was gone and we spent a few hours on the beach. It was SO nice down there and the kids LOVED that we didn’t have to apply sunscreen. Reed didn’t want to take any time to take a pictures so he pulled his pouty face out!


Then we tried to trick him by telling him he couldn’t do the best smile. Of course Ava had to give it a shot too!IMG_9728

Oh, finally! There’s a good one!!IMG_9727IMG_9729   

Reed thought it was funny to be buried in the sand! IMG_9742

And to pretend to be asleep in the chair! IMG_9747 IMG_9749 IMG_9752

Even though they love the beach, all kids love the pool!! IMG_9758  I think that’s enough for today! I’ll be back soon with more!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Florida Vacation – Recap #1

Wow. Long time, no blog. I love this blog space for many reasons – I love the memory book it is for our family, and I love sharing our life. However, I’m struggling where I’m going to be going with it for several reasons. The main reason is time – I just don’t seem to have much time to devote to it anymore. I’m also debating a change to taking it private. I don’t have a huge traffic flow but with some social media concerns, I’m just not sure where this little ole blog will end up.

We have been BUSY the past month, mainly at work, working like crazy to get ready to be gone for a week of vacation. We just spent a week in Florida and it was glorious. It was so nice to be lazy and not worry about anything. I took time away from everything and it was so nice.

We didn’t do anything special there – we just sat on the beach and relaxed! Zach did play a couple rounds of golf, but we were just beach bums!

Things were a little crazy Monday – a man staying in our condo got bit by a shark! He was out about 75 yards bait fishing and got bit on the foot! Eeek! He was okay and not seriously harmed but we were a little on guard the rest of the week!

On the way there, Reed was SO excited to ride through the tunnel in Mobile! So adorable, that kid.IMG_9579

Ava cracked me up that first morning. We were waiting to get into our condo and she enjoyed the hotel breakfast with a cup of hot chocolate.IMG_9584

My first view of paradise for the week!IMG_9585

The kids were EXCITED to play on the beach. They absolutely loved it.IMG_9624 IMG_9625IMG_9593 IMG_9598IMG_9617 IMG_9618 IMG_9619 

We went to have frozen yogurt one night and they loved getting to pick out all the stuff to put in their cups. IMG_9634 IMG_9639

Just some more random memories!IMG_9654 IMG_9658

Monday, June 23, 2014

Oh, hey. Another week gone

Well, time just seems to fly any more. Before I know it, another week is gone. We had another busy week this past week. The kids both took swimming lessons.

Ava did great and even jumped off the diving board and swam to the side without a floatie! But, oh Reed. When he didn’t cry he did great, but the crying just didn’t stop. IMG_8766IMG_8808

One day they stopped by as they were swimming past Ava to see if she could calm him down. IMG_8810

Ava LOVED lessons this year. She did so great and I’m proud of all she learned! IMG_8832 IMG_8833

Here is Ava jumping off the board and swimming. She was really scared and cried a little, but she did it!!!! The kid you hear screaming in the background is the one and only, Reed. :/


After the class, Reed got two suckers and came up to the fence. he looked us SO proudly and said “I stop cryin’.” Well, yeah, buddy, but it doesn’t count when class is over! ha!IMG_8854IMG_8855 

The rest of our week didn’t really have too much excitement. As a rule, our kids don’t sleep in our bed. However, since he’s been in a toddler bed, sometimes Reed will get out of bed and come climb in ours. One morning it was almost time for me to get up, so I let him stay there and he looked so sweet. I also don’t know what he did with his shirt that morning. IMG_8775

I managed to get some good photos of the kids over the weekend. It’s rare to get one where they are both looking and smiling! The first was on Friday night – they got mail from their new teachers for next year and were so excited! IMG_8874

They were so happy and joyful the whole weekend! IMG_8884

They looked so cute before church yesterday!!! IMG_8903

I have a feeling this is going to be a busy week, but I’m ready to get it going!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekend happenings

Well. Our weekend didn’t quite go as planned. They never do, do they?

Since we planned to head to NWA Friday afternoon, Zach and the kids took me to work. On the way, Ava was acting unusually quiet. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was just tired. She and Zach went about their morning and he called me around 11:00 a.m. and said she’d been asleep most of the morning. I asked if she was sick or running fever. He called me back and said she had a fever of 101.3. So that pretty much cancelled our plans. We were all bummed. I went ahead and cancelled my afternoon off from work. I hated to use a precious vacation day to just sit at home with a sick kid when there was already a capable parent there.

She didn’t feel good most of the weekend. She ran fever through about mid-day Saturday, it went away and then came back Saturday night. She woke up fever free Sunday and thankfully it never came back. She was so sad though – our Friday plans were cancelled and she wasn’t able to go to the birthday party for our cousins Saturday night. :(

Reed did get to go the party and he had a great time swimming! IMG_8679

There was a piñata and while they were looking for a stick to use, Reed got impatient so he just picked a stick up off the ground and went to town with it. It was pretty funny!IMG_8690  

This kid loves to hit piñatas!IMG_8699

Sunday morning Ava thankfully woke up feeling better. We got ready for church and were actually ready early so we got to give Zach his gifts!IMG_8713 

After church we went out to breakfast and then headed home. It was a rainy morning and so dark in the house. I laid down and took a quick nap (Reed’s sleeping has been awful lately and when he wakes me up, I sometimes have a hard time getting back to sleep). The kids both took really great naps in the afternoon which has not been the case on weekends lately.

We don’t have much going on this week other than swimming lessons. Reed and Ava are both doing them this summer and I’m curious as to how they will go. Guess we’ll see!

One last thing: My Jamberry Launch Party starts today on Facebook! It will contain A LOT of information about the product and tips and games, and so much more. If you are interested, please leave me a comment and I can get you added. Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you leave a comment with a question about Jamberry, please make sure your email address is linked to your account, or leave me your email address so I can make sure I have a way to reach you!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Confessions

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up with A Blonde Ambition and done some Friday confessing. So, here goes!

  • I’m taking this afternoon off from work and I’m so excited to have some extra time for fun. I’m going to take the kids to visit one of my dear friends, and then after that we are stopping in to see our sweet little niece!
  • I confess that sick kids are no fun. I got a call Tuesday that Reed was running fever at school and that he was saying his ear hurt on the inside. I went to get him and he was so out of it I couldn’t even wake him up. He looked so sad and pitiful. We made a quick trip to the walk in clinic where they said he had the beginnings of an ear infection. IMG_8549
  • I confess that I have a new obsession: JAMBERRY!!! Have you heard of them? It’s a company that makes nail wraps. You apply them to your nails and don’t have to wait for drying, no smudging and they don’t chip!!! They last up to two weeks on your fingers and longer on your toes. And there are OVER 300 designs!!! To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. In fact, I’ve signed up to be an Independent Consultant and I can’t wait to get this business off the ground and running. Check out my site by clicking on Jamberry. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them!IMG_8586
  • They also make nail wraps for little girls, and I have a daughter who has quickly become a Jamberry enthusiast! She keeps talking about how we can sell them!!! IMG_8581
  • I confess that when Reed when back to school yesterday, I came out to find Zach had gotten him dressed – which was great, only that he dressed him in the exact same clothes he wore on Tuesday! Zach didn’t seem to be worried and as a friend pointed out, at least we were caught up on laundry! ha!IMG_8591
  • I confess that I am loving my minivan. Seriously. I don’t care if it’s not cool. It’s an amazing car!
  • I confess that if Reed doesn’t stop waking up every single morning at 4:30 or 5:30, I may start making him sleep outside. Ok, not really, but I am tempted.
  • I confess that I plan to consume some adult beverages this weekend. It’s been a long week at work and I’m looking forward to some relaxing!

That’s all I’ve got for today! See you back soon!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Life is never dull

Life is never dull around here. That would be an understatement for sure! It is exciting around here, mostly due to the wild little man.

Last weekend we made Reed’s bed into a toddler bed. I was sitting in the living room one evening and heard a muffled “Mama?" Daddy?" MAMA!!!!” I got in there and found this.IMG_8384

One morning Zach asked Ava to start cleaning up in Reed’s room while he got a shower. When he got out of the shower, this is what he found. IMG_8387

During summer she likes to stay up late and she still gets up early, so she must’ve been a little tired to take a morning nap!

Tuesday the kids and i both got hair cuts. I wanted to get a picture of Reed with his cut because it makes him look so much older. Well, I combed it in a way he didn’t like so he was NOT into having me take his picture. IMG_8403 

Ava looked pretty grown up with her haircut, too! IMG_8418

At work last week, a friend came in with these personalized bottles of Coke she’d found. She’d grabbed them for those of us she could find the names of. (I realize that is a very poorly worded sentence) I LOVE IT! IMG_8469

Friday evening, Reed found out we had a new Mickey mouse for him to watch and he was quite pleased!!!! IMG_8471

Saturday morning we went to a really fun pirate birthday party! There were so many neat little activities and it was just so cute. The kids had a great time! IMG_8476IMG_8479

I’m not sure there is a kid who loves a cupcake more than Ava Edwards!  IMG_8482

Later that afternoon, she lost her 2nd tooth. She and Reed were playing and it just fell out!  IMG_8494

We woke up early to go to church on Sunday and it was about to start raining. When we got there, the rain had started and continued for a good portion of the day. Ava asked if she could go outside and play in the rain. There was no lightning so I told her to go ahead. She had fun!!! IMG_8532

Maybe we should all take a little time to play in the rain! :)

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