Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer Highlights: June

We had one of the best summers. It was relaxing and we just got to do a lot of fun things together. Here are the highlights!

Grant pretty much just asserts himself to get whatever he wants however it takes. Exhibit 1.IMG_5848

One evening, Reed came in and said, “mom, i can’t get this stuff off.” He’d colored his eyebrow with my mascara. Laughing out loud


Strawberry shortcakes make everyone smile!IMG_5882

Fighting the sleep!IMG_5962

We discovered that Grant LOVES cars, trucks, etc.IMG_6008

This baby is seriously my joy boy. He is always SO happy!!!!IMG_6227

One Sunday morning before church!IMG_6255IMG_6272

Grant started getting really good at his walking. We spent many evenings letting him walk back and forth between us!IMG_6385

I had a Friday off of work and took the kids to our water park. We’d never been before and they had a great time!!IMG_6437IMG_6446IMG_6455IMG_6469IMG_6502IMG_6513

Zach and I got out for a date night!IMG_6544

Grant started throwing some pretty amazing fits. I tried to just give him his milk instead of holding him.IMG_6593

I got closer to my last day of work and had a goodbye lunch with my team.IMG_6606

We took the kids to a local splash pad. They LOVED it.


Had lunch for my last day of work with two of my favorites at one of my favorite restaurants!IMG_6770

I love how this baby sleeps!IMG_6778

First time for Grant to ride in the big double cart at Target.IMG_6794

Father’s Day!IMG_6862

We had family birthdays and Grant loved swimming!IMG_6866

I started my new job!IMG_6886

Reed and Maggie had a movie date!IMG_6890

Remember how I said Grant asserts himself to get what he wants. He wanted in the box.IMG_6948IMG_6951

Reed had his annual follow up with ACH doctor to make sure his cyst hadn’t returned. He got a fantastic bill of health. No cyst, and he was officially released from his doctor’s care. His doctor said he was “completely cured” and those were beautiful words!  His first surgery was three years ago yesterday and when we were going through that, it felt like it would never end. IMG_6964

Just some random moments.IMG_6967IMG_6979

We had a wedding shower for Stephanie!IMG_7002

And another family birthday party and swimming!IMG_7012IMG_7059

These sweet moments absolutely melt my heart!IMG_7077IMG_7129IMG_7147

More of summer to come!!!


  1. Hope all is well with you and your family! We miss your posts!

  2. Looks a really nice and happy family God bless you all. the baby is really very cute. family stay together is always the best family. Nice share. keep it up.

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