Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun…. and boy, did we!

Oh, y’all. What a weekend! I’m still trying to recover! Friday I took a day off work to meet up with my faaaaaabulous friends, Kristy, Jill, and Candace!! Kristy and I met up with Jill and headed to see C in the Big D!

Our trip there consisted of a semi who almost took out an Acura who got serious case of MAD. He started swerving and looked like he’d go around the semi. We laughed and Kristy and I both said he’d probably give the bird to the semi driver. Oh, he did – he flew it out his sunroof to make sure the dude saw it!

Then we hit some road work. After going slow for quite a while we came upon a nice worker who was walking through the closed lane. We rolled down the window and Jill yelled at him (very politely I might add) and asked if he knew how much longer it was!

We finally made it to Dallas and after checking out C’s super cute home, we headed to eat at her favorite Mexican restaurant. Food rocked. Service sucked. Seriously – our waiter was a doof. Kristy’s tea glass had something attached to it and she asked for a new one and he didn’t resurface for like 15 minutes! I think we ate half a bowl of cheese dip before he ever returned to get our order. Then he didn’t write the order down and came back to make sure Kristy’s order was right. Food came. Kristy’s food right. Jill’s was wrong. Stellar dude. Seriously – go to Gloria’s and ask for Miguelito! haha! (does anyone know what his name was?!)

Then we jumped into the Dallas traffic and headed to the outlets! Kristy mentioned she wouldn’t like big city driving….. and doesn’t look like she was too fond of Jill’s driving either! :) IMG_0243 We covered pretty much every inch of the outlet mall and after that we were WORN OUT! It was after 5:00 when we left. We headed to check into our hotel, Le Meridien, which was gorgeous! We rested for a bit (and it was during this time that K thought Jill had dropped her phone in an otter box…. bahaha…. love you K!) and then exchanged gifts! Jill got us these precious necklaces with our initials on them that I can’t get a good picture of! Candace gave us hospitality bags with our favorite candy and some yummy drinks! ;)

We started getting ready for our dinner reservation and Jill taught us out to fluff our hair with some Dust-it! Here we are before dinner!photo(6) We headed to a FABULOUS dinner at The Melting Pot! Um, delish! These girls had never been before and I think all of them enjoyed it! We just did cheese and dessert fondue and it was SO YUM! IMG_0246IMG_0247  So as we were getting in the car, a police car pulled over a car and parked RIGHT behind us so we were stuck. IMG_0256 I’ll say this. We sat there for maybe 15 minutes. In that time, another police car came, the woman driver got arrested (and was cool as cucumber) and they finally moved to let us go. I actually got a shot of the woman getting arrested (bad, I know) and texted it to Zach and he asked me if it was one of my friends! haha! (We for sure would have posted the bail for Jill!)! :)

Saturday we headed to do some more shopping!IMG_0262 IMG_0260 IMG_0261 After doing some more damage at the mall, we headed to SPRINKLES CUPCAKES!!!IMG_0265IMG_0264IMG_0267photo(2) I have a confession. I took home this assortment and we cut them to share different flavors and I was not impressed. Out of these 6, I only thought 2 were good. Bummer!

After Sprinkles, we headed to our last stop before heading home. We were separated by a man getting a pedicure, which I’d honestly never seen before. Then the lady working on me put on gloves! I was slightly offended! I’ve never had that happen before! I felt better when she wore them with Jill too! :)

We had to head home after that because Jill had to get back for a history lesson. Seriously y’all – isn’t she a great teacher?! I hope you learned lots and lots!

What a super fun weekend. We get together and the talking doesn’t stop! It’s so fun to have a group of friends you can totally be yourself with and *shock* they still like you! :) Love you girls! Can’t wait until the next time!!!!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh...... such good memories!
    I'm smiling so big, just re-reading it all! :)
    And- the waiter's name was Miguel. Because when he said it, I instantly thought of a kid at school named that. Except I think my 1st grader Miguel would have done better at getting us our food. LOL!

  2. Awww- So much fun!! I think I smiled the whole time I was reading this. Glad you had a blast. I have never been to a melting pot- where is the closest one? We will have to take a girl trip to eat at one!!! :)

  3. Look and sounds like you guys had so much fun!!

  4. this girl trip sounds so fun! i live in dallas (from louisiana) and recognized everything ya'll did! i am new to blogging and found you through the blonde ambition...are you guys related? i just followed you!


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