Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catching up and Thanksgiving 2011

I’ve been absent a while so I need to play catch up. Zach and Ava have been home with us the past 5 days and it has been SO nice spending time together. I’m sad they have to go back to school tomorrow! :(

Two weekends ago the kids and I went to NWA to see Stephen and Leslie! They wore their sibling shirts! (I’m learning how hard it is to photograph TWO kids!)IMG_3932We had a fun day hanging out with them!! Reed enjoyed sitting with Aunt Leslie for quite a while!IMG_3946

Thanksgiving we got up and headed to visit Zach’s family for the day. We were dressed and out of the house by 8:00! I was proud. We haven’t exactly been great at getting around since having two kids! :) Here are our little turkeys!IMG_3948IMG_3986 IMG_3961


Reed was done by this point!IMG_3981

While we were there for our visit, Ava got her first hair cut! Zach’s sister, Mallory, does hair and I asked her to cut Ava’s. We went to her salon and she cleaned Ava’s hair right up! Ava did great – she wasn’t so sure but she sat very still and didn’t cry!

Before they startedIMG_3988IMG_3990

After – Ava is so lady like! ha!IMG_3997

We have so much to be thankful for this year. We are so blessed with two healthy babies, a home, clothes, jobs, food, loving families, and each other. Friday was our 5 year anniversary and we have experienced so much in those 5 years. I’m so grateful to have Zach as my partner in life. We went out Friday evening to celebrate and it was the first time we’ve been out since having Reed. It was nice to focus on us for a change.

Friday was also the big AR/LSU game. We all know how it ended, but look at this cute little piggy!IMG_0303

There ya go. That’s what we’ve been up to. Every time I turn around, another week has passed. This boy is going to be two months old in a little over a week and that just blows my mind. He is changing each day and I’m so thankful he’s joined our family. :) Until next time!


  1. 1. L.O.V.E. your hair!
    2. The Hog suit and that big smile? - No words. it's too dang cute!
    3. Love Ava's sweet outfit! She's a doll!!
    4. I miss you more than anything!!!

  2. Love those sweet kiddos! Had so much fun getting to see them - their mom is pretty special too! ; )

  3. Okay first off, that smile on Reed's face is the most precious thing ever! I cannot wait for Bryar to start interacting with us! I just love it! Ava looks super adorable (as always) in her turkey and big sister shirt! Time is just flying by for our little boys, I wish we could just freeze the moments of them so precious and little =)

    We heard something good about the job! Keep your fingers crossed =)


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