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Ahhhhhh!! It feels so good to have our news out in the open! This is the pregnancy we’ve waited the longest to tell anyone and it was hard!

So, for memory’s sake, this is the story:

I took a test in the evening on 9/24. It was negative. I knew my time was coming along and figured that it would happen any day. Saturday came and went and nothing. I had been having cramps and knew it was just around the corner. By Tuesday, 9/30, I was three days late. I woke up that morning and took a test. I only had a digital test, and pretty quickly it popped up pregnant! It had to work a little longer and it then it popped up with 2-3 weeks (past ovulation). I was a little shocked since I’d had a negative the week before, and because I somehow missed the 1-2 week window! I wonder if I’d gone back and looked at the other test more closely, if it would’ve shown a faint line. I think that b/c it was the end of the day, and because I’d used the restroom a lot, it just didn’t pick it up. With the other two, I knew before I was late. I guess I should’ve known because the days before this, I was SUPER emotional. I mean, crying like it was my job. I had also started having insomnia the week before (more on this later).

I proceeded on with my morning and decided not to tell Zach right away. Unless God has other plans, this will most likely be our last baby and I just wanted to tell him in some other way than just “i’m pregnant”. I went that day and got him a card that said “you’re expecting a little bundle of joy”! The kids went to bed early that night and I told him I had something for him and gave him the card. He was a little surprised but very excited! I had called my doctor’s office that morning and told him my first appointment wasn’t for five weeks (AGONY!). We had family pictures scheduled for that weekend (which you saw in the previous post), so other than our photographer, my friend who made our signs, and the nurse, we had our little secret.

We had our first appointment at 8w6d. Everything looked perfect! I have a new doctor this time as my old OB retired and moved away. It’s definitely going to be a little different, but he is very thorough and competent and I feel as though both me and the baby are very safe with him.

We had our first appointment on 10/31 (they called me that week and said they had a cancellation and did i want to come that day instead of the next Tuesday? UM DUH!) After that, we finally told our families and a few friends. We decided not to tell the kids until our second appointment just in case something happened.

We had our 2nd appointment on 11/25, our wedding anniversary. :) We couldn’t find the heartbeat through the doppler which we knew wasn’t uncommon, and got another quick sneak peak. It was wiggling like crazy and it’s heartbeat was 160 bpm.

We finally shared the news with the world after that. I’m 13w2d as of today and I feel like it’s flying by. We’ll know in about 7 weeks if we have another boy or girl joining our family!

I think the funniest part of this pregnancy has been trying to hide it. I started showing around 10 weeks and it became a CHORE trying to find clothes that a) fit and b) didn’t give away the secret! I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that anymore!

I felt kinda gross between weeks 6-8. Nothing awful, just general grossness throughout the day. My worst symptom by far is insomnia. I am EXHAUSTED. I would fall asleep on the couch between 7:30-8:30 (just whenever I’d finally finish up with chores for the evening), and then I’d go to bed shortly after that. The problem was, I’d wake up anywhere between 12 and 3:30 and be up for 2-3 hours each night. It was really hard when I’d wake up at 3:30 and never go back to sleep before it was time to get out of bed. Now you know why I have had such a hard time keeping up with this blog. In between working and all the things I have to do at home, I had NO energy left for anything else. I am hopeful that as I’m moving out of the first trimester that this will get a little better, soon!

So there’s the rundown of finding out and leading up to sharing the news! My next post I will share how we told the kids and their reactions!

Thanks for your congratulations and excitement for us! We are so thrilled and everyone’s excitement just adds to ours!


  1. I am so excited for you!! Congrats!!

  2. When I saw your announcement, my day was made! So happy for you friend! Congrats, again!! :)

  3. So excited for you friend. Love you.

  4. So wonderful. Can't wait to hear how the kids reacted.


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