Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Grant is eight months old!

Grant, you are eight months old today! Another month has flown by. You are growing and learning so much each day and we just love you to pieces!

Here's what you are up to at eight months old:
  • You are growing like a weed! You wear 9 month clothes and you are squeezing into your last few size 2 diapers. Size 3 really fit you much better but we hate to waste them!
  • You probably weigh 18-20 lbs. You are still a LONG boy!
  • You still only have two teeth. You seem to be working on a couple more but who knows when those will appear.
  • You aren't crawling on all fours yet but you can get all over the room with your army crawling! You are so close to real crawling.  
  • You LOVE playing with your toys. Your favorites are the light up laptop and your books. You also love anything that belongs to your brother and sister! 
  • You are a great little eater. You eat three meals of solid food - typically oatmeal and fruit in the morning, veggies and some meat at lunch and whatever for dinner. You really like carrots and you are getting so good at picking up your food and getting it in your mouth!
  • You still nurse at morning and night and have three bottles during the day while you are at school. 
  • When you hear someone coming in your room, your little head pops up to peek over the crib or you pull the bumper down to peek through the crib slats. you get so excited and start bouncing when you see us! 
  • When I'm nursing you, you've started rubbing your hand along my stomach.
  • You sleep around 11 hours most nights. 
  • You had your first bath in the big bathtub two nights ago. Reed was in the tub and I put you in just to get it done quickly. You LOVED it!
  • You still suck your fingers but mainly only when you are hungry and tired - just another sign you are growing up!
  • When working with you on picking up your food, I would say yay when you got one in your mouth. Eventually you started putting your hands up int he hair when I would say yay! It was precious!  
  • You are still the happiest baby on the block.

You are SUCH a joy, Grant! You bring all of us so much happiness and we love you so much! We have so much fun with you and have so many people cheering you on when you try to do something new. You are so lucky to have a brother and sister who love you so much. Remember that as you grow up and know you will always be able to count on them. We love you, GT!


  1. Awww, what a great update on the little guy! I like how he plays peek-a-boo when you come into his room. Little sweetheart.

  2. hes so precious. i just CANNOT get over his sweet dimples

  3. He's precious! Our babies are close in age so I always like reading what your little sweetie is up to!

  4. Grant is such a cute baby!!! I love that picture of him in the crib and of course the yay picture!!

  5. Oh Sarah!!! I just love this little boy!!!! He is squishy and so super sweet! What I wouldn't give to get my hands on him. Be blessed, my friend!!!!!


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