Saturday, June 13, 2009

Puppy love

Thank you so much for all of your sweet words congratulating Zach on his new job! We appreciate you sharing in our excitement!

It's been a pretty quiet but fun week at our house. Ava started Daddy's Day Out two days a week and was so happy to see her pals again! She played hard the two days and I think Daddy enjoyed the break some too! :) I must say even though I'm not staying home, I love summer break too! I get to see my family when I come home for lunch! There's nothing better than walking in the door and Ava seeing me and getting so excited she doesn't know what to do next. LOVE.IT!

Ava has become really animated lately. She laughs a ton and giggles and has started doing this really funny thing where she scrunches up her face when she laughs. I'm not sure where she learned this but it's so funny! I have seen pictures of me scrunching up my nose when I was little. It's funny to see bits and pieces of each of us in her!

Such a goofball!!

Today we went to NWA - I went to a baby shower and Zach met some buddies and watched the Hogs win in their first game in the College World Series! I had originally planned to take Ava to the shower, but some things changed and it worked better to not take her, so she spent some time with Uncle Stephen who lives up there! Stephen has a 2 year old German shepherd and Ava has seemed to be scared of him in the past, but she loved him today! She followed him around and pulled on him and laughed when he licked her. So cute!!

Ari doesn't look too amused

We have some more fun things on the agenda tomorrow for after church - hope your weekend is as great as ours!


  1. love the big pup! and i'm major impressed that miss priss wasn't scared of him! she looks so precious with her funny faces ... sophie makes some odd ones, like closing her eyes and sticking her tongue all the way out when she wants a 'dink.' what in the world?!?!?

  2. Ugh...the big "D" word. We overused the word no in the beginning and now Kate says it all the time. She also says it when she is doing somehting she isn't supposed that was the red flag that she has no clue what No, No means..ha! Although, she does bring me anything she's not supposed to have and says no, no so that's promising to us!!!

    The best thing that works for us is redirecting her attention. When she's doiing something she's not supposed to do, we just move her to another (acceptable) spot or show her a book or a baby or something.

    Hang in there because I think it's basically an uphill climb from here on out....until they turn 24...then I think they won't need us to help them make the right decision...hopefully...hee hee!!!

    Love the doggy pictures....I'm impressed that your brother kept her!! Such a nice uncle!


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