Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Fun!

Ava is enjoying her summer and some fun outdoors! Last week we finally had the chance to let her try out her pool. I found this a while back and we've just been waiting to get to use it. The water was a little cold but that didn't really seem to phase her.

Watching Daddy get the pool ready

(Please excuse me sounding stupid at the end when I talk)

Her other outdoor summer fun has consisted of swinging. My dad bought her a swing for our old swingset and we tried it out this weekend. The sun was bright but I got a few pictures. She really seemed to enjoy it!

She thought it was so funny that Uncle Stephen was being goofy and swinging with her

She tried it out again Sunday too

This little girl is definitely staying busy and enjoying summer break! We've done so much already and still have a lot to pack in. We hope you are having a great summer too!


  1. love the swing. and LOVE LOVE LOVE her faces while she's swinging!

  2. Prepare yourself for years of loving to swing! It's still a big hit at our house!

  3. Love the pool!! The video is so cute! :) I LOVE the photo of Ava with Stephen - adorable!!

  4. Looks like you are having fun with your little one during this summer. She looks like she is having fun too. I love the picture of her watching the pool being filled. Very cute. Happy summer!

    Lisa :)

  5. oh my goodness... how adorable is her bathing suit and her pool pictures.. how adorable is she! And the swinging pictures are way too cute:)

  6. hope everything i going well! noticed you havent blogged in a while and was just checking in:)


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