Monday, July 6, 2009

Trip to Atlanta

Last Wednesday we loaded up and headed out to Georgia! Our friends, Sally and Shon, moved out there last August. They live right outside of Atlanta and we thought the long weekend would be a fun time to visit them! We got in late Wednesday night and crashed. Thursday morning we got up and hung around the house. These two little kiddos are so precious and I was so glad to get to see them again!

Zach made some buddies really quickly - that or they just liked his phone! (Sally told me that K & W missed Ava and our phones!)

Thursday evening we headed to Stone Mountain - which is pretty much what it sounds like - a mountain of stone! Carved into the side of the mountain is a picture of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Confederate President Jefferson Davis . It was pretty cool!

We had to wait until dark so we could see this awesome laser show on the side of the mountain! Also, since it was so close to the 4th, we got to enjoy fireworks too! While we waited, we hung out on the lawn and walked around part of the park to see some of the different attractions.

They had a section dedicated to each state that seceded from the union. Here we are with Arkansas!

I used to babysit little Miss K and she is my buddy!

On Friday we headed into Atlanta and took in the World of Coke! It was definitely a fun experience, although while we were there it was very busy and a little hectic!

I couldn't take pictures of it, but we saw a 4D movie and the experience was so fun! The movie was cheesy, but our seats moved and water sprayed on us and at one point something poked us in the back! It was hilarious! The tasting area was neat but was very crowded! It had Coke flavors from different countries and there were some that were definitely gross!

We all got to take a glass bottle of Coke home with us and we enjoyed them once they were nice and cold!

We went to their neighborhood pool for a while on the 4th and then just hung around while waiting for ribs to smoke and fireworks to start. We tried to get all three kiddos to cooperate for a picture and this was my best attempt!

Our little firecracker!

This little guy is a sweetheart - he gave Ava her first kiss! He liked her but I think he will probably be glad he doesn't have to share his toys anymore! :)

Shon and Sally's house was close enough to a lake that we were able to sit on their deck and see the fireworks show from the lake! It was so nice! We spent a lot of time just hanging out and visiting! We have definitely missed getting to see them on a regular basis and we had so much fun getting to catch up with them and see their new home! Shon and Sally, thank you both again for letting us invade your house for three days! We had a great time and loved getting to spend some time with your sweet family!!!


  1. Sarah, we had so much fun too! I'm so glad y'all came!! We need to start planning your next trip down!

  2. P.S. You got some great pics! Haven't uploaded mine yet, but will share with you once I do.

  3. How fun!!! We're going to Atlanta next month and may try some of those things out!

    Ava is simply gorgeous...sweet girl!!

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