Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun day and giveaway reminder!

We had such a fun day today. Our friends asked if we wanted to meet them because they were going to look at some golf clubs in a city that was halfway between us. Because it's so hard to find times where we're both free we thought it was a good idea! So we headed out this morning and met up with Chuck and Chenin. Chuck tried out some of his clubs while we played in a room where you could practice putting. Zach decided it was time to test Ava out for her first set of clubs.

She's a cutie with her pink clubs! She didn't get any today but I bet her Daddy will have her golfing before she's 2! I think she had a better time just playing with the golf balls like she was trying to get here.

After we finished up there and had lunch and chatted for a while, we set out for the next part of our day. We headed to NWA to do some shopping and meet up with another set of friends. Sandy and I are planning a shower and wanted to get together to finalize some of our plans and we decided to have dinner at Abuelo's. Yum!! It turns out that today was the end of their week long celebration of their 20th anniversary so when we left we got to spin a wheel to win various items. I won a free entree. They told Ava to spin and she won a free appetizer. And Zach spun and he won free queso for life!!!

All he has to do is take this foam golf ball in and he gets a free queso! How funny is that?

We had such a wonderful day seeing friends. I was also complimented tonight on how well behaved Ava was at dinner! This made me so proud! We drove a lot today and for her to behave so well after riding in the car and shopping was so great! That's not to say she didn't have her moments but I'm so thankful we have a baby who likes to go like we do!

And finally, don't forget about my giveaway! There's still time to enter and you have a great shot at winning! Click here for details and how to enter!!

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. thinking about abuelos makes the cereal i had for supper even more sad. ha! are you talking about chenin from college? i always thought she was SO cute! major kudos on the well-mannered munchkin. mine is a terror these days. i have to make a time-out spot everywhere we go! happy almost sunday, friend!

  2.! Darren would die for those clubs for Caddy! Well, actually, he'd probably puke because they're pink...but I'd talk him into them! :) Our girlies will be cruisin' the course together someday...First Tee, watch out! :)

  3. YEAH!!! Ava needs to learn how to play golf early! You can never start them too soon! You can tell her all the cool girls play golf haha!


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