Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend fun!

We once again packed a lot into the weekend! Friday evening we met up with our friends for a yummy dinner at the Red Rooster! We'd heard from many different sources how good it was and finally got there to give it a try! It was delicious! They have homemade rolls for their burgers/sandwiches and it was awesome! They also had about 16 different choices for pie and the one I tried was fantastic! Their sweet daughter (who seems to have grown up overnight!) was so excited to finally meet Ava!

Saturday morning we decided to give Ava a treat for breakfast in place of her oatmeal. We made her a scrambled egg and she loved it! She gobbled it up! I'm so thankful that for the time being she doesn't seem to be a picky eater! I hope that will last for a long time!

I have some events coming up where I have to take something and I've been wanting to find some new recipes for things like this, but I don't like taking something I've never made before. What if I made it and it turned out disgusting?? Can't have that. So I decided to give a couple of Pioneer Woman's recipes a try this weekend! I made her Chile con Queso and Apple Dumplings!!

They were both really good! The queso did make a lot so I used PW's tip of putting it in baggies and freezing it! I definitely did not want that entire pan of dumplings at my house so I loaded up most of the pan and took them to my mom, dad and sister. I saved us a couple for dessert last night and I thought they were actually a little better after they had set out for a bit.

After church today, we met the Beaty's at one of our mutual favorite restaurants. After that, they invited us to go swimming with them at Emily's parents' house! It was a perfect afternoon for that b/c it was SO hot! Even though it cut into Ava's nap time, we let her swim for a while b/c she loves it so much!

The afternoon did wear her out though!

And finally, be checking back soon! My one year blogoversary is very close and I have a giveaway lined up for you guys and I'm very excited about it! Hope you all had a great weekend as well!


  1. i could eat that queso with a spoon straight out of the pan ... it looks SO good! did you see the pw recipe for the 4th of july pasta salad with sundried tomatoes? if we weren't packing up everything in the kitchen, i'd SO be trying it! if you need to get rid of a couple of bags' worth of queso, feel free to send some to texas!!!!

    love all those sweet pictures, but the nap one is my FAVORITE!

    annnnnnd, i'm PUMPED for the giveaway!!! whoooo!!!!!

  2. ooo that food looks yummy!! next time we get together, we'll cook. :) loved seeing you three! and i can't wait to find out about your giveaway! :)

  3. I love her hat and suit. There is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby with their butt sticking up in the air!

  4. Thanks so much for your advice on my blog. I am SO wanting to take a trip! I'm hoping we can make it happen soon.

  5. oh can try out some recipes at our house anytime!!! ha!

    a looks so precious in her swimsuit!!


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