Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Blogoversary and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

It's my blogoversary!! WOO!! A year ago today I made my first post. And such an "exciting" post it was! Not really.. but I'd like to think they've gotten more interesting over the year! I really enjoy doing this blog as a record keeper of our life. I know that one day I won't remember all of the little things about Ava and I'll have this to look back on for details and I love that. Part of what makes writing so fun is hearing from the people who read it!

So, as a way to say THANK YOU!, I am hosting my first giveaway! I picked out some things that I enjoy and like having around and thought I'd share them with you! So here ya go:

You can never have too many picture frames!

I like having sets of notecards around because you never know when you might need to send something: a thank you, a note, an encouragement, or just a cute way to correspond with someone!

I love these! They are magnetic and I always have a lined one on my refrigerator. When we run out of something, that item goes on the list so that we don't forget about it when we are making the shopping list. I've never had the to-do list before, but it's magnetic as well and maybe my to-do list wouldn't be so blah on this brightly colored paper!

And I saved the best for last!!!!

That's right! If you win this, you will have $15 to buy whatever your little heart desires at Target! Sound good?

Ok, how to win:

1 Entry - Leave me a comment and tell me what you might use the gift card to buy (You don't have to have a blog to leave a comment or win. If you don't have one and want to enter, simply click on "Your Takes On It" enter your comment in the box, and then choose the Anonymous option.)

2 Additional Entries - Become a follower or tell me that you already are a follower

3 Additional Entries - Blog about this giveaway. Leave me a comment if you do so and post a link to the entry.

You may enter until Tuesday, July 21st, at noon (CST). I will select a winner no later than Wednesday evening! This is a great way to come out of hiding if you've been reading about us but haven't left a comment! We would love to know our readers so we can check you out too!

(This giveaway is limited to US residents only. Thanks)

Good luck!


  1. Woohoooo!!! Happy Blogoversary!! I remember that first post and how exciting a time it was. :) Target is awesome... I would use the giftcard for a new bag/purse or some other accessory. :)

  2. Yay! I've never won a giveaway so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I would stock up on things from the dollar section at Target. Love it! Ummm...I'm a follower and I'm fixing to post about your giveaway now!

  3. Hey girl! I'm so glad I visted your blog today & stumbled upon your giveaway! I would probably use the Target card to buy something for my little miss there..They always have the cutest girl stuff! :) I also wanted to let you know about the giveaway going on at my blog! It is for one of my bibs! :) Have a great day & thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win! :)

  4. Hello Sarah--

    Happy Blogoversary! I love giveaways and I have never won one. The possibilities are endless at Target--let's see, maybe come new clothes or something new for the house. I am a follower.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway. Hope you are having a good summer.

    Lisa :)

  5. I was not a follower till now....I have read your post and looooovee them so!!! I agree with Holly, $1 section here I would come whoohooo.....:-)

  6. Happy Blog Anniversary!!!

    I left a comment a while back about car seat recommendations and you left me a very nice comment on my blog (thank you) I haven't used that blog and have been trying to use one a wordpress and you are more than welcome to stop by that one if you like :)
    I love to pop in and see how little Ava is doing (hope that's ok) She's so adorable and it reminds me of what I have coming my way again since I've forgotten alot of the fun from my older children (my youngest is 5 1/2 months)

  7. A good wife would use the gift card on her husband! J/K!

  8. hi sarah! i have been blog stalking you for a while, and decided the giveaway was a good reason to comment! :) i would probably buy greeting has some very different, very fun ones that i can't find anywhere else.

  9. i bet our target buggies would be twins! i buy notecards and magnetic notepads almost every time i go! except i haven't been in a month. it's criminal. stupid paint and fence budget! see ... i SO need the giftcard to buy something cute for the new house! i'm totally breaking my bloggy silence to hawk your fab giveaway, friend!

  10. Hey there!!

    I found your blog through jill ...I am a new blog follower and I hope .. hope to win this beautiful giveaway.. and if was the winner of the prize.. I would be running to spend the gift card on a cute little to fit all(my kids stuff) in..

    Okay.. so ..

    I commented......check
    I am follower....fantastic check
    I blogged about it...woohoo check

    Please come see me at




    I have added another blog it is for prayer requests..
    Feel free to stop by there as well

  11. Ok Lady, we don't know each other, but an anniversary is an anniversary, so Happy Blog-O-Versary to you! Pretty sweet, huh?!

    I will follow your blog, because what mom doesn't want to read about the adventures of another mom?! And, I posted on my site, about your giveaway! Oh, and I have 7 kids, so back-to-school might be an easy way to eat up that gift card!


    Have a great day!

  12. Hey Sarah...I'm a Super-Stalker of Adventures in probably want me to shut it half the time with all my comments...hahah!! I'm trying to be better!

    If I won, I would probably use the GC to buy something just for my sweet Kate...isn't that what good mommies do?!?

    Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend...the golf clubs are adorable...she looks like a pro already!!

  13. I would use the gift card for nothing more than BABY STUFF!!!!!

  14. I have been a FOLLOWER!!! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  15. OHHH I love me some giveaways! And just think... you wouldn't have to spend money on shipping if I won haha! Humm... the gift card for Target - I would most likely spend it on some new dog toys/treats for little Gracie!

  16. Okay hmmmmmmmmmm....Oh I was just in target today and saw some super CUTE little boots I would love to get Kili and they were $14.99--so it's gotta be meant to be. And I am a follower. I would post about it, but my computer is acting rediculous and I can't access my google account or blogger. =( But Yay for 2 lovely chances!!

  17. I could always use a Target giftcard and buy some cute shoes or kitchen supplies or picture frames. I heart me some Target! :) I am a follower already of your blog. Happy Blogoversary!!!

  18. I love looking at your blog..I don't have one, simply because my life is so boring.

    I would use the Target giftcard to buy some things for me...since my life here at your former employer is taking all my happiness away!!!! NO MORE 20% for no benefits...I was no benefits. Also they've taken away a weeks vacation...I need a new job.

    Anyways...Happy Blog Anniversary! Hope you continue to brighten my day with your blogs and sweet pictures of Ava!


  19. How fun!! I would love to win. I would use the gift card to buy some cute baby stuff! It would be a good excuse to go ahead and buy a onesie or something.:) Happy blogoversary!

  20. Oh and I'm a follower already! :)

  21. This is absolutely great! I'm loving all the posted comments about following your blog! We all love that little Ava to pieces, so we, I mean I have to follow, stalk, whatever you want to call it so I can get my "Ava Fix"!! I'm so ready to spend my Target gift card winnings...I like to talk about it as if it's already mine! I'm planning on a necklace or a movie. By the way, Happy Blogaversary!! Love you, Iva


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