Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's got skillz...

The morning after we returned to our trip, I went to get Ava out of her bed and found that she had learned a new skill... She had taken off one side of her diaper and it was hanging off of her! Fortunately there were no messes to be cleaned up (which was very fortunate b/c the diaper was wet and dirty!)! Zach called me later in the day to tell me she had done it again and once again, even though it was wet and dirty, there was no mess... We did catch her in the process of doing this last night.

Fast forward to this morning... Zach called me and I thought he was going to tell me he had dropped Ava off at school. Instead they were just on their way and he did not sound happy! Zach had put Ava down for her morning nap and went to get a shower. He went to get her out to finish getting her ready for school and said he came upon her sleeping, with her bare bottom up in the air and poop everywhere!!!!!! He said it was in the bed, on her hands, on her feet, on her legs! He had to do major clean up before they could leave! It appears that we can no longer leave Ava in just t-shirts! Back to onesies and pants on at all times for her! We have such a mischievous little girl! Obviously, I wasn't the one dealing with it but just the thought of it and Zach's displeasure had me cracking up! Oh, the joys of parenthood!


  1. How hilarious! I guess Ava just doesn't like keeping that dirty diaper on! Maybe she'd like to be potty trained! Ha!

  2. Ha ha! Although it's not funny at the time. Cooper did the same thing. Now that we're potty training....he goes commando. Only way to get him to go in the potty!

  3. is it soooo wrong to be laughing right now????? cause i am. poor zach! we've not hit that wall yet. we are, however, into screaming with gritted teeth, head-banging the wall, and trying to kick the slats out of the crib just to get out of naptime. toddlers are fun, aren't they?!?

  4. Ok - I totally just had a laughing fit - until I remembered that this will probably be me several months down the road! :)


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