Sunday, July 19, 2009

10 Months Old and First Steps!!!

I had not planned on doing a post marking Ava's 10 month birthday today! But then my big girl decided to take her first steps tonight!!!! For several weeks now, she's been "walking" while holding our hands or holding on to furniture or whatever would support her. Tonight we were cooking dinner and she took two steps. She was on the third when I got excited and said "YAY AVA!!!" and it startled her and she stopped. We got out the video camera and tried to coax her into doing it again but she wouldn't. I was just so glad I got to see it! I just knew she'd do it while I was at work and Zach would get to see it and I wouldn't! I was so happy to see her do it, even if it was just 3 steps! I'm sure in the coming days she's going to really figure it out and the rest will be history.

I thought I would also just document a few of facts about Miss Ava these days:
  • She has 6 teeth
  • When we finally found a sippy cup she liked, we had no problems transitioning from the bottle. Tonight she even had a sippy cup before bed instead of a bottle!
  • She loves to try real food but hates the 3rd stages foods so we just quit trying.
  • Even more so than baths, she loooves showers!
  • She can semi-wave bye-bye - first she waves her arm and then she opens and closes her fist! She can also say bye-bye but she likes to whisper it.
  • She will give me "kisses" - opens her mouth and puts it on my cheek but she won't kiss Zach.
I cannot believe that two months from today she will be 1! This year has flown by. We were looking at sale clothes for next summer and I could not believe how big they seem! It almost made me cry! My baby really isn't much of a baby anymore. I guess it was inevitable that she'd grow up!


  1. Go Ava!!! I knew it was coming soon...what a big girl!!

    Kate hated the 3rd stage foods too and has pretty much been eating what we eat since 9 months. Otherwise, I don't think she would have eaten anything!!

    What exciting news from the E just gets more and more fun...I love the walking stage!!

  2. Oh she is so cute. Your life will really change when she hite the floor running. What a fun time of life.

  3. What a big PRINCESS!!!!! She's adorable!!!! now let the fun begin!

  4. Yeah for 3 steps! She looks so excited and I am sure that her parents are as well :)

    Lisa :)

  5. What a cutie!! And I'm sure you'll be chasing her around before you know it. :)

    So glad you found my blog! I work at UA Fort Smith...small world, huh?! Where do you work?

  6. way to go ava!!! she's gifted. i should know - i'm a teacher. :) SO glad you got to see it!! i tried to put sophie in the shower with me instead of giving her a bath, and i think i traumatized her for life. oops.

  7. happy 10 months Ava!! so excited you've already taken your first steps!!!


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