Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pure Randomness

It's just been another normal week here in the E household. Next week Zach starts his new job and while he is so excited about it, I'm a little sad. I won't get to see him or my girl when I come home for lunch anymore! I really enjoy that during the summer. I'm also going to miss Zach doing the grocery shopping during the day and keeping the house nice and clean! :) Thanks for your hard work this summer, hon!

Ava has taken a few more steps. She's not real sure of herself yet but she has taken about 4 in a row! She's getting there! She also rode in her big girl car seat for the first time tonight!

I ordered this about 3 months ago and haven't really needed it yet. We went with an infant seat that would hold her until she was 30 lbs. She still has a way to go on that but she was getting close to being too long for it so Zach wanted to give her new chair a try! I think she'll enjoy being able to see out the window better!

Speaking of being too long, I was looking at this picture and it amazes me about how long this girl's legs are! We've gotten lots of comments recently about how "tall" she is!

And finally, she loves crawling under here. It's like a hut or something to her! Silly girl!

Hope you are all having a good week! Thankfully we're two days away from the weekend!!


  1. Cute! Seems like Will used to crawl under that thing too!

  2. Isn't the transition to the "big girl" seat kind of sad?? I remember when my niece first started using was like..."she's growing up so fast!" They look so cute though. :)


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