Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rookie post

It's hard to figure out what to say in the first post, so here we go. Tomorrow marks the 29th week of pregnancy. It's hard to believe how fast it is going. We've gotten a lot of things ready but we still have many things to do. I guess this is as good a place as any to announce that we have finally picked a name for our little girl:

Ava Mackenize

We had the hardest time making up our minds but are glad to finally have it figured out. Now we can just focus on getting everything else ready for her.

Summer break is more than halfway over for Zach. He has really enjoyed his time off. I must say that I have enjoyed it too. He's been more than helpful around the house and I haven't missed doing house work. I have really enjoyed not having to go grocery shopping! I'll definitely miss those little things when he goes back to work. It's nice while it lasts though. At least I know I'll have next summer to look forward to! :)

I think that's good for a first post! Stay tuned - there's no telling what the next few months will bring!!


  1. Yay, you picked a name! We love it! Oh yeah, Zach can you run to the store and get me some milk and eggs?

  2. Yay!! You guys finially picked a name! Ava Makenize is soo cute too. I hope that you two are doing great!!


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