Thursday, July 31, 2008

September Baby?

We had a doctor's appointment today. Before the appointment, we also had an ultrasound. We were looking to see whether or not my placenta had moved. It was low-lying and that can cause some complications. However, it had moved so there are no worries there anymore!

Ava is a whopper already! She weighs approximately 4 pounds. Yikes! However, her head and her arms and legs were all measuring about a week and a half ahead of where we should be, so we're wondering if maybe she's just a little farther along than we thought. My body is also starting to do some pre-labor things it probably shouldn't be doing yet so who knows? Our doctor said that he was going to watch her and monitor her to make sure she wasn't getting too big. I'm not sure we will make it to our October 2nd due date - she may very well be a September baby! I've been having some pains - nothing too bad and I don't know if they are just discomforts or maybe some mild contractions. We have another doctor's appointment in two weeks. Be thinking of your predictions for her birth - an online baby pool will be coming soon!

Other than that things are quiet here. We have both had busy weeks are glad it's almost the weekend. We have some things we are going to do to get ready for Ava and other than that I'm sure we will take it easy. Who wants to do much when the high is forecasted to be 105? Not me!! :)

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