Sunday, July 20, 2008

Great weekend!!

Yesterday we headed up to NWA to do some more baby shopping. We've been trying to pick up things here and there to avoid the cost of doing it all at once! We once again found some really good deals and little miss is starting to get a nice collection of clothing!

I have been looking for "the outfit" for Ava to wear for her hospital picture and home from the hospital and I just hadn't found anything that I liked - until yesterday. I found this adorable pink coverall set and just loved it instantly. I almost didn't buy it b/c it wasn't marked down quite like the other clothes I'd been buying. However, we got to the checkout counter and realized we needed to spend just a couple more dollars to save $10, so I went back and got it!

I also found this adorable little outfit. Of course, I think it is technically a little boy outfit, but I really liked it and so did Zach, so who cares? Little girls can play baseball or it could just as easily be a little softball uniform!

The last piece I'll showcase from yesterday pretty much sums up what our life is going to be like from here on out:

We thought this was cute and I have a feeling it will end up being pretty accurate! It also reminded me of a friend of mine. We used to work together and the running joke at the office was that it was all about her, so when I saw this little onesie it made me think of her! :)

After we finished shopping we headed a little further north to eat dinner at one of our favorite restaurants - Abuelo's!! We had a nice dinner and then headed back home. It was a fun day, although a little exhausting. With it getting hotter outside, I'm starting to get a little more tired so I was ready to call it a day.

We went to church this morning and don't have much planned for the rest of the day. Why is it that the weekends always seem to go so much faster than any day in the work week???

Hope all of you had a great weekend too!!


  1. Hi guys! Love the cute clothes! Bet you are getting so excited! Hope you're feeling good! We love the name you picked out, it is so cute!

  2. I love your outfits! Carters outfits are my favorites! Yea! Looks like we have a name too! I love it!!

  3. Love the blog, Love the updates, LOVE the name! It's always been a fav. on my part too & we're just thrilled for you both!
    Thought you might like to know...(but hurry!)
    JCPenneys has been doing the $1.97/$3.97 sale in their infant/toddler clothes right now. I just got a call from a friend tonight a/b it & thought I'd pass it on in case the Ft. Sm. location was doing the same. Definitely worth it!
    Good luck w/ the rest of the planning, decorating, etc. We'll keep you THREE in our prayers! God bless!


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