Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas fun!!!

Tis the season for lots of Christmas fun! We’ve been trying to do lots of fun Christmas and holiday activities with Ava (and with Reed), and I’ve got several to share.

A couple of weeks ago, Zach had to be gone all day Saturday. While Reed was sleeping, Ava and I made a Christmas ornament. She had such a good time doing it!IMG_0451

Last week, we left Reed with my mom and took Ava to ride the Holiday Express at one of our parks. We’ve taken her the past 3 years and each year she enjoys it a little more! And this year’s photo is complete with dinner that didn’t fully get wiped off her face. Just keepin’ real, folks. IMG_4064IMG_4075

Last week, Ava’s class sang at the school’s morning Advent ceremony. They were so cute. I wasn’t sure what Ava would think but she looked around smiling and waving at everyone. Too cute. :) IMG_0525

My mom came to watch and Ava was excited to see her.IMG_0530

Daddy went to school late and came to watch too!IMG_0534

And since we were there, we went downstairs to visit Reed’s classroom. He’ll be starting on January 3 and he met his teachers. He even let one hold him and seemed just fine. He looked around at the bright lights and I think he’ll be very happy there.

Friday was Ava’s (and Zach’s) last day of school. Her class celebrated with a Happy Birthday, Jesus party and then they had a luncheon. IMG_0563

Over the weekend, we went to visit Zach’s family and to celebrate Christmas with them. Ava had a really great time and certainly enjoyed opening gifts. In fact, she opened all the gifts for every one! She wasn’t even concerned with what was in most – she just wanted to rip things open! It was cute.

Patiently waitingIMG_4078

Reed hanging out with Aunt Mallory IMG_4079

Opening one of Reed’s presents for him – I love how it looks like he is watching to see what he gets!IMG_4082

Look at that determination!IMG_4090

Reed also got his chance for some Christmas fun! For Ava’s first Christmas, I made an ornament out of her hand prints. I had to do the same for Reed! Soooo sweet!IMG_4106

We still have a few more fun Christmasy things planned over the next couple days. I’m LOVING having Zach and Ava home with us. It’s so nice to get to spend all this time together as a family!

And some just because photos of little man:IMG_4102 IMG_0542IMG_0568

And last, a picture of me and my babies!!



  1. How fun! Ava looks so precious sitting there waiting patiently to open the gifts. Reed is such a handsome little boy, and that smile is to cute for words! How did you make his hand print ornament?

  2. I LOVE this pic of you and your kiddoes. You have a very VERY beautiful family! I'm so glad that we can keep in touch (if only through the Internet) as we get older (and hopefully wiser) HA! Merry Christmas Sist-o! :)

  3. The Christmas tree ornament you and Ava made is so cute! I made lots of my ornaments this year, and now I want to make more for next year just so I can make that adorable tree. Ava and Reed and just precious.


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