Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Christmas!

On Christmas Eve Eve, Ava and I decorated the cookies we made to leave out for Santa Claus! She was an excited and happy girl!IMG_4126IMG_4138

On Christmas Eve, we went to the children’s service. I asked Ava if she wanted to be an angel this year and she said she just wanted to sit with Mommy. So, she sat it out this year. Maybe next year she will want to participate!

Here’s my little stud – so cute in his Christmas church clothes!IMG_4147 IMG_4161 2IMG_4176IMG_4194IMG_4186

After church we went to my grandparents’ house for dinner and presents. These girls have so much fun playing together.IMG_4199

Both girls got dress up clothes and they had a ball playing in their dresses. They said they were having a wedding!IMG_4213

Blowing out Jesus’ birthday candles! By far my favorite part of Christmas Eve!IMG_4220

When we got home, Ava picked the cookies she wanted to leave out for Santa.IMG_4222

It took Ava a long time to wind down so by the time she fell asleep it was after 10:30. I wasn’t sure Santa was ever going to be able to visit, but he did!  IMG_4226I anticipated an early morning and while it was (because of Reed), Ava slept in later than normal and when she finally got up, she was sooooooo excited! We had a wonderful Christmas at home with the four of us!IMG_4271IMG_4293

One thing I want to remember about Ava this Christmas – she LOVED unwrapping gifts. She went from one gift to the next unwrapping like a mad woman and pretty much casting aside what was in there. She kept looking for people’s presents to open! After she was done, she went back to see what she got. So cute.IMG_4252

One thing she asked Santa for was an umbrella. She LOVES it and it even rained today. I was going to let her go outside to use it but she said it was too cold when I opened the door!IMG_4249 

  Mr. Reed on his first Christmas!!IMG_4274

Reed was of course too young to open his own gifts so Ava gladly helped. It was cute though – she held up his gifts and said “Look what you got, Reed!” :)IMG_4275

After our family Christmas, we headed to my Mom and Dad’s to have Christmas with my immediate family. It was fairly quick because my parents and sister were heading out to see my brothers in St. Louis.

Ava with Uncle Stephen and Aunt LeslieIMG_4300 IMG_4302 

That afternoon we headed back to my grandparents’ house and stuffed ourselves silly and just enjoyed the company of family. We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We are so very blessed to have such loving families and we’re thankful to get to spend time with all of them celebrating Jesus’ birth. It was also special since it was our first Christmas with Reed. I have loved experiencing this Christmas season through the eyes of Ava. I’m so thankful and proud that she knows the reason we have Christmas at all is because of Jesus. I can’t wait for many more special Christmases with my sweet family!

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  1. Oh my goodness, his church attire is SOOOO cute! I love that! Ava is so precious unwrapping those presents. I love that she wanted an umbrella, smart girl ;)


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