Monday, March 19, 2012

Life lately

Thank you so much for all your kind words on my last post. Seems lots of us deal with issues in friendships. Like I said, just be the kind of friend you would like to have and I think it comes back around. :)
Now…. we had a busy week this past week. But the week ahead is Spring Break so lots of relaxing around here (of course, for everyone but mom who still has to work this week!)!
Reed is the happiest little guy and is just growing so much! I love this sweet disposition!!!IMG_1801
He fell asleep in his swing the other night and he looked so peaceful and precious! I can’t believe how big he is getting – look at that foot hanging out!!IMG_1865
Saturday, Ava went to a party for one of her friends! It was a golf party and she had fun practicing her swing! It won’t be long before she’s on the golf course with dad and Grandpa!IMG_1868
They also had a little bounce around which was a huge hit!IMG_1871
After the kids had some naps, we went and ran some errands! This little dude was happy and such a good boy. IMG_1882
Reed has been eating cereal with a little bit of applesauce mixed in at school, but Saturday night he got his first taste of some more baby food. We started him with squash and he ate it up! YUM! IMG_1886
I wish Ava had been looking at the camera because this could have been incredibly cute. Here are my sweeties before church on Sunday!IMG_1890 
After church, we had lunch at my parents’ house. My sister was going to make some cupcakes and told Ava she could stay and help her. So Zach, Reed, and I went home and left Ava to help bake. Stephanie texted me some pictures of them working.IMG_1906IMG_1907
Heading home with the finished product! IMG_1905  Thanks Stephanie! She had fun!
There is lots more fun to be had this week while there is no school! Sadly, we might get wiped out by the predicted monsoon headed this way. The predictions are for 4-8” of rain with some areas seeing 10-15”! Crazy! Hope you all have a great week!

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