Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trip to Illinois

Even though our trip to Illinois last week was a whirlwind, and for a sad occasion, we still enjoyed our trip and had a good time visiting with all of our family.
Ava was SO excited to get to swim at our hotel. She traveled up with my parents on Tuesday and when I talked to them Wednesday as I was driving, they asked me if I had her swimsuit. They said she told the worker where they ate lunch she was going swimming and had asked no less than 15,000 times if I was bringing her suit. When I finally got there that night, the first thing she asked me was where it was.IMG_0049IMG_0050 IMG_0053
Sweet little Luke!IMG_0054
We also got to experience a little winter with a snowfall! it started snowing in the late morning and there was lots of snow on the ground by that afternoon!IMG_1632 Ava had a blast playing in it!!!IMG_1629IMG_1625 
Here is a picture of my grandmother with two of her three great grandkids. I hope we’re able to get a photo of her with all three soon!IMG_0065 It was a super quick trip, but Ava and I both had a great time and I’m glad I ended up taking Ava with me. She had so much fun and it of course, it made it easier on Zach having just Reed! Even though we had to go for a sad reason, we still enjoyed seeing all of our family!

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