Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Out of the mouth of Ava – part II

Ava cracks us up so much with some of the things she says and does. I just want to record some of them so that I’ll have a record of them. I’ve been compiling these for a while so some are older than others, but still funny nonetheless. I actually looked back at a previous post like this and it’s crazy how I’ve already forgotten some of the things she used to say that were my favorite. I’m so glad to have these records.
  • I work just a couple blocks from her school so every day she wants to drive by. There is a radio tower next to our parking lot and she thinks it’s my princess tower and that I climb it. Every day we pass it she says “Hi mommy’s work! Hi mommy’s tower!”
  • There is also a daycare across the street from my work with a playground. She thinks that me and my “workin’ friends” as she calls them go over there and play during the day. She asked me “mom, why you have a playground at you work?”
  • She sometimes calls Reed her little sister. She also tells him “no ma’am, little boy.”
  • She also has told Reed when she was little that she was a little boy.
  • She doesn’t say yesterday. Instead, we did things “lasterday”. I secretly hope she says this forever.
  • On the way to school one morning, we were approaching Sonic. She said “Mom, I gettin’ thirsty.” I replied, “You are? What do you need?” “I think we need to stop at Sonic.”
  • When Reed was sick and staying with my grandma, Ava came in and said “Mom, I have a really bad cold.” I asked her what I needed to do for her and she said, “I need to go to Hamaw K’s too.”
  • She calls the weekends stay home days.
  • She wakes up because “the sun waking up”.
  • While my dad is waiting for their house here to sale and my mom to move to OKC, he’s living in an apartment. One night, we were driving by the local college and saw some apartments there and Ava saw them and said, “Look Mom! It’s Oklahoma City!” They did look kinda similar to my dad’s! When we have visited him, she also thinks his apartment complex is OKC. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing there, when she says she wants to go back to OKC, she means his apartment.
  • We got snow cones one night and she turned to Reed in the car and said “Reed, we didn’t get YOU a snow cone.”
  • During our prayers one night, she said “Jesus, I wish you could make me a mermaid.” I said “Jesus is not going to turn you into a mermaid.” She asked “Why not? He has magic.” :) Faith like a child right there.
  • After she ate a PBJ, she said “Mama, you’re the best cooker I ever seen.” She’s so easy to please!
  • When she is frustrated or annoyed, she says “Oh brothers!”
  • She is terrified of giants in her room right now. We use some of my old Bath & Body Works spray as “giant spray” to keep them gone b/c they don’t like the smell. (i came up with this on a whim and am SO glad it  worked!)
Ava is getting close to turning 4. She seems like such a big kid these days. She is so much fun and I know we have lots of fun days ahead, but I miss my baby. How have the past 4 years gone by so quickly? Ava, I love your spunky little spirit. Thank you for making our days more fun! 
IMG_1005  (one of my favorite Ava pictures – August 2010)


  1. LOVE this!! She is so funny! Not to mention adorable!

  2. this is the cuted post!! love love love her "ava-isms". she is PRECIOUS!!!!


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