Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Polka Dot Posies

The first time I ordered from Polka Dot Posies in 2011, I was beyond impressed with their customer service. Our bows were delivered TWO days after we ordered them! Then I opened the box, and I was even more impressed! The bows were GREAT quality and I was SO happy with my purchase. Not only that, ALL the bows, ALL of them, are $4 and under!!!! When I was purchasing bows at a local baby boutique, I was paying double that!! I have since made several orders from PDP, and have continued to be impressed!
PDP offers several different sizes of bows and colors (SO many colors!!!). How do you know which one works for you? Ava is almost 4 years old and she modeled some different size bows for you to use as a reference.
 6.5Bow 6.5Pigtails

3Pinwheels Pigtails
For ponytails and half ponies, I like how the bows 4” and above fit Ava at this age. For the pigtails, I like the smaller ones b/c there are two, though I do kinda think the 6.5 inch bows are cute on it too! :)
Not only does PDP carry bows, they also have headbands, flowers, hats, ANYTHING you’d want to put on your child! They are also offering products for older age groups, such as these awesome glitter headbands!!!
Check Polka Dot Posies out for your next bow needs – you will NOT be disappointed!!!!!
Note: These bows were provided by Polka Dot Posies for the purposes of this post. The opinions and words are my own.

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  1. Ava is so cute - thanks for sharing (I love the bows)


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