Monday, October 20, 2014

Reed’s birthday recap

Let’s rewind two weeks ago to Reed’s birthday! We woke up and he was ready to celebrate! ha! IMG_2915

I dropped him off at school and then headed back at morning snack time to take treats for his friends. He requested that I bring donut holes. When I got there, he got to put on the birthday medal and his classmates sang happy birthday to him! IMG_2920  IMG_2925

I picked them up from school that night and had to take Ava to gymnastics. Zach had parent teacher conferences so for a while it was just me and Reed. After gymnastics, we got him his very favorite food for dinner. I told him he could blow out some candles on his pizza and he thought that was cool! IMG_2931IMG_2935

After we ate dinner, Zach made it home in time for presents. He was excited for that! IMG_2937 IMG_2938 IMG_2940

We finished out his day with cupcakes and another round of happy birthday!IMG_3146IMG_3147 

I would say he had a pretty good birthday! :)







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