Monday, January 19, 2015


Saturday marked 20 weeks of pregnancy! I cannot believe that we are halfway there!! June will be here soooo fast if the last 20 weeks are any indication of how fast it will go. We are definitely growing!


Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 20 weeks

Gender:  As of today, we don’t know. We will by the end of the week! :) I have NO idea what this little baby is. No clue at all. Ava wants a girl, obviously, and this past week, one morning Reed flung open my bedroom door right when my alarm went off and said “I think that baby is Baby Margaret.” (which isn’t necessarily our girl name, just the name he wants!)

Weight gain: At this point, I’m up 2lbs, which is insane to me but I’ll take it! I am trying to eat sensible and am exercising but it’s just crazy to me that the number isn’t higher – NOT that I’m complaining!

Movement: I can feel the baby move every day. It seems to be the most prominent and noticeable at night when I’m not sleeping. I love feeling the little wiggles happening in there.

Sleep: Awful. I wake up several times a night, and there are still nights where I’m up for several hours at a time. I guess the plus side is that there are nights where I fall back asleep quickly.

What I miss: margaritas…. not that I drank them that often but you always want something more when you can’t have it!

Cravings:  Life Saver Big Ring Gummies… I haven’t craved too many single things. I crave certain meals and then once I have them, I’m good! I did crave Starburst for about the first 10 weeks!

Symptons: Staying tired. I’m well into my 2nd trimester and have given up hope of my energy returning. I’m worn out at the end of the day. In the last couple of weeks I’ve started having sciatic nerve problems. It is painful. Physically I feel like this pregnancy has been much easier on me than Reed’s was. Also, I have indigestion. Some times it feels like food just sits in the middle of my chest. I hate that.

Other things to note: Reed likes to come up and rub my tummy and talk to the baby. He also pretends to tickle it. He and Ava both like to tell me that my tummy is getting big! Ava also says she is going to do so much to help, but that if the baby is a boy, she isn’t helping at all. I’m so excited to watch those two with their little sibling!

We are anxious to learn who this baby is and work on finding a name for him/her. The kids are really excited to know, too! As we get closer, I get more and more excited. I cannot wait to see its little face and snuggle it and hold it tightly. I pray the last half of the pregnancy is as uneventful as the first half has been!


  1. I can't believe you are halfway there!!!! :) I hope this pregnancy continues to be uneventful for you. AND I can't wait to hear this week if it's blue or pink!!

  2. You look fabulous and I'm so very excited for you guys to find out what you are having. Those kids of yours and what they say crack me up! So funny!

  3. Oh, Baby Margaret!!! That's cracking me up! :)


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