Monday, February 23, 2015

25 weeks

Oh, hey there! Remember me? I haven’t graced the halls of this blog in quite a while. I just haven’t gotten in a groove with blogging. Either I don’t have the time or energy or I just don’t have anything to blog about. Maybe one of these days I’ll get back into a groove!

Anyway, Saturday marked 25 weeks pregnant! I feel like this is flying by. We have 15 weeks to go and I just know it will pass so quickly, especially since this time of year is so busy with the end of school and various other things.


As you can see, baby boy and I are both growing. There’s not a whole lot to report. I don’t have many symptoms and the ones I do have are the same as they have been. I am still just flat worn out. Even being in my second trimester, my energy has really never returned. I get home from work each night and am exhausted. It’s rare that I see past 9:00. But then again, I have several nights where I wake up and am awake for 2-3 hours so I have a feeling that is what makes me so tired at the end of the day.

Sweet boy is moving like crazy right now. I feel jabs and kicks all over the place. They have definitely gotten stronger, too, as Zach and I have both felt them from the outside. The kids like to try and feel but they get impatient waiting. I’m sure it won’t be long until they can feel him.

We are no further along on a name for this guy. We discuss it but nothing is just jumping out as his name. The ones I like Zach doesn’t and vice versa. We have a few that we agree are okay names but nothing we want to commit to yet. Saturday night Reed suggested we name him Groundhog. :) His other choices have been Marshall and Chase (the pups from Paw Patrol).

At my next appointment I have to have another ultrasound. At my last one, they weren’t able to see his spine and something else just because of how he was laying. They’d like to get a second look so we’ll do that in about three weeks.

Other things of note: I’m craving pasta in the worst way. I usually am not a huge pasta eater but it all sounds so good! I’m also craving smoothies. I have found a freezer smoothie with strawberries and yogurt and I just have to shake it up. That’s my breakfast most mornings!

We haven’t made any progress in getting Reed’s room ready to be the boys’ room. We need to get rid of a couple things, buy Reed a new bed and put the crib back together. I’m hoping if we can get Zach through the next four weeks of his Master’s program, then we can focus on all things baby!

So that’s what I’ve got today. Little man is healthy and growing well. I’m getting so excited about meeting him in the next few months!

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  1. You look fabulous, glad to hear all is going well and good luck choosing a name, it sure is hard the more you have-haha!


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