Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Getting back in the groove

I think I've decided that blogging from my phone is going to be the easiest way for me to keep up these days. With the changes I mentioned to my favorite editing program, it just makes sense to use my phone since all my photos are on there anyway.

We are just trucking along. The month of February has been BUSY. Zach has been gone 2-3 nights every week for the entire month. I'm hoping for things to be a little slower during March.

The kids are doing pretty well - they are growing and getting big and staying sassy!

Reed is a goofball, always and forever. He still says the FUNNIEST things. I can't keep up with this one. He constantly wears me out!

One morning this past week I got to work and found this picture of Ava on my phone. She'd been taking some selfies. I laughed because I had no idea why she was giving a thumbs down. 

Grant is loving eating real foods and one night I just didn't have the time for the mess he would make feeding himself. I was trying to feed him and he was screaming. I'd put a piece of food on his tray and he would stop but as soon as I tried to feed him, he would start up again.

He is also notorious for starting to cry as soon as we get home. He is super happy when we leave school and he doesn't cry all the way home, but as soon as we walk in the door and put him down, he starts screaming. Thank goodness for Ava who likes to help take care of him!

The nights when Zach is gone all evening are hard. I think the hardest is just that Grant doesn't want me to put him down but the other two need dinner, baths, help with homework, etc. They love piling up on me when we get everything done though and I love it, too!

We had a quiet weekend this weekend. At one point, I found Grant on the floor with one of this books and was just babbling away like he was reading it!

And take a look at those chubby thighs. They are the greatest!!! 

We had a few minutes before we had to leave for church Sunday and I got a photo of the kids. I love these sweeties!

This is one of my favorite outfits I've ordered from Ava. She liked it, too!

We are off and running with busyness again this week. It's hard to believe it's already March. Where does the time go?!?!?! 


  1. Your selfie with all three is adorable. I hear about being so busy, it's so crazy and I can't get over that it's March. Wasn't it just Christmas? 😳

  2. Well, I understand your struggle. My husband gets home anywhere from 30 minutes after I do to after the kids are in bed. Sometimes the baby will be fine for a few minutes, but she usually wants to be carried. How do I open a can of food or cut some chicken while I'm holding you, baby??? My son will try and help, but he's working on his homework and my 3 year old is against helping keep the baby entertained, but can she have a donut please? A donut. (Like 10x's after telling her maybe after she eats dinner.) Gah! So, I will usually focus on making something for the older kids and then take the baby to nurse. Which, of course is the time everything gets a little calm, which is when my husband walks in the door. This just happened the other day. I was like, "why didn't you come in like 5 minutes ago when the baby was screaming?" So, it's nice to hear I'm not alone. And your kids are so cute. Glad to hear that Grant is doing better!

  3. I love love love Avas outfit!!!


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