Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello, May!

Wow! How did it turn into May?! Crazy. We are just cousins down the days until the end of school - 17 school days left! We are also on 1st birthday countdown! This is a random all over the place post, just sharing what has been going on around here.

A couple weeks ago, I got a text from Reed's teacher showing them having Popsicles on the playground. It was a day I had sent him money to get ice cream at after school care. When I saw he had a Popsicle, I texted his teacher and told her to let him know not to get ice cream. So here's the before and after.

A couple of weekends ago, we went to pick out our dresses for my sister's wedding. Ava loved trying the dresses on and having a girls' day!

After finding dresses, we had lunch. Ava loved her milkshake. 

Grant just goes along for the ride anywhere and everywhere. 

Love this baby so much!!!

Grant fell at school last week and got his first bruise around his eye. 

Reed loves snuggling up in my lap each night. 

Friday afternoon I was at home with Reed and suddenly heard some very loud banging noises. I thought he was hitting something but it turns out we were having some golf ball size hail. Ugh. 

Unfortunately Zach wasn't at home so his truck hood got some dents. :(

Grant looked such an angel sleeping Friday night!

Saturday we headed to NWA. I went to meet the babies of my friends Dusty and Michelle. I got to snuggle two previous bundles of joy who we have prayed for for so very long!

Then we had lunch with Zach's family to celebrate his birthday!

Sunday morning after church I had some errands to run and Ava came with me. She enjoys having some alone time with none of the boys!

Later that day, Teed came in trying to put a shirt on. I can't imagine why he was having trouble. ;)

Life is NEVER dull around here!!!!!


  1. That hail is crazy huge!!! Ugh! The popsicle photo of Reed cracked me up. I loved the dresses Ava was trying on, she's looking so grown up-sheesh!! Sleeping Grant is adorable! Fun update and I can't believe they are almost done with school. My kids go until June 17th up here-ugh!

  2. Hi Sarah - hope you are having a great summer! I sure miss your posts!


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