Thursday, August 21, 2008

No central theme...

It seems like the weeks when we don't have updates from doctor's appointments, there really isn't much to write about. Does anyone come here for a reason other than to find out about Ava? :)

My guess is in on the baby pool. Thanks for all the guesses - and if you haven't guessed yet, there's still time!

It's hard to believe August is almost over! A week from Saturday is a big day - the start of RAZORBACK FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love watching the Hogs play football! I love going to the games, watching the pre-game show, and cheering on the Hogs! It was such an awesome experience when I was at U of A to hear the crowd erupt in applause when we finally formed the A. I imagine that I won't be attending many (if any) games this season, so I will be catching the ones that I can on TV! The first game of the season is generally very hot, although if the temperatures stay like they have been, I might venture out to it. We have tickets and if I end up not going, Zach will take a friend with him. I'm anxious to see what Coach Petrino does this year. It's a new era for Razorback football - and I can't wait!

Yes, this has been a totally random post. It's been a fairly quiet week. We're enjoying these while we can. Miss Ava is scheduled to arrive 6 weeks from today. We'll see if she's impatient, punctual, or late! And with that, good night!

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