Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy week

You know those plastic rubber gloves? And how funny they look when you blow them up? Yeah, that's what my feet looked like today when I got home from work. I have had them elevated pretty much since I got home to hopefully have them return to something similar to feet.

Lots has happened since my last post. I had my first baby shower and it was very nice. We got so many nice things and are very blessed to have so many people want to come and celebrate Ava with us. I've finished thank you notes and now I have to finish sorting through all of the items and getting her little clothes all washed and everything put in her place. We got so many things but I thought these were adorable!!
On Monday I celebrated my 25th birthday! It was a good day. It was a relatively low key day but nice none the less. My parents cooked dinner for us over the weekend and we celebrated there. Here is a picture of me before blowing out my candles (please excuse how tired I look).

And yes, my cake was as good as it looks - my mom rocks!

On my actual birthday, I had lunch with friends and then Zach took me out to dinner that night to Olive Garden which was yum-o! I came home after that and crashed shortly after as I was pretty tired. These are the pretty flowers Zach got me for my birthday.

I didn't feel well on Tuesday and would expect to have a few more of those days as we get closer to the end. I went to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon. There wasn't much to report afterward. He wasn't really concerned with my swelling because my blood pressure is great. That's one blessing! At this point we really don't know a whole lot. He said he thinks that with me we will just play it by ear and make decisions as we go depending on how I am doing. I will probably have another ultrasound in either 2 or 3 weeks to check out Ava's approximate size. I hope it's sooner rather than later. I will go to the doctor every week now so hopefully we'll at least get weekly updates and we'll know a little better where we stand.

I'm not too concerned with how she gets here, I just pray for a safe and healthy delivery that results in a healthly little girl. I can't wait for her to get here and to see what and who she looks like. Also, if there is any truth to the old wives tale that bad heartburn indicates the baby a lot of hair, then her head should be covered in hair!!

I'm so looking forward to this three day weekend. I hope to get some great R&R in as well as organizing the nursery. I hope everyone has a great weekend and...


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  1. Sarah,

    I had terrible heartburn with Katie, and she had TONS of hair! With Will, it wasn't so bad, and he didn't have near as much, so I think that old wives' tale has some truth to it! You may have a baby in there with lots of hair!



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