Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy One Month Birthday Ava!

My Sweet Ava,

I can't believe you are already one month old. The time is absolutely just disappearing. You have changed so much since the day you were born. Each day is filled with new and exciting things that we discover together and I am so glad that God blessed us with you, sweet baby girl.

The day you were born was the happiest day of my life. Never in words could I describe what I felt when I first saw you. You were so small and sweet and you weren't crying - I almost had to ask if you were alive b/c you were so still and not moving. Then you opened your beautiful eyes and I knew I would never be the same again. Your daddy was so excited too. After the nurses got you all cleaned up, your daddy carried you over to show you to me. I watched him hold and love on you and it was the most beautiful thing in the world to me. He still loves on you and can never get enough of you. You are such a loved little girl and we hope you always know that.

So many people came to visit you at the hospital and everyone kept telling your daddy and me what a beautiful baby you were. You are still that beautiful girl and your little face just warms my heart. We had a rough few days at first and we were so worried about you when you didn't get to come home right away. All we wanted was to get you home! We finally did and what a ride it has been!

Being a mommy is something I wanted for my whole life. Never in a million years could I have imagined how wonderful it would be to be YOUR mommy. During your first couple of weeks, you would curl up and get all cozy when we would hold you and you would push your little rear end out - you used to do that inside of me too and I loved seeing you do that. You don't do it as much anymore, but we sometimes still get to see the tush. Also, from the first day you have had a very strong neck. The first night we had you, you were laying on my chest and you rasied your chest and looked at me with your gorgeous eyes. You're getting even stronger now and can lift your head and look around. You're getting to be such a big girl already! Another thing I love watching you do is stretch - oh, how you stretch! Sometimes we just laugh at you because you lean your head so far back you almost bend your body in half. You make the funniest faces when you stretch too. I have tried to capture all of them in pictures. I have pictures of them in my mind but am so worried they will fade over time.

You are also a dramatic little girl. We will have our hands full with you in the future, I'm sure. From the day you were born, you've done the funniest thing - when you get really upset about something and you cry, your little chin quivers like you are just so sad! At first we thought something was really wrong, but then we quickly realized it's just something you do - and another of the million things I love about you.

You had issues with your weight after birth and dropped down to 7 lbs. You also weighed that at your 5 day check up. At two weeks old, you'd made up some ground and weighed 7lbs 15 oz. But then we had some more problems, and weighed the exact same thing at 3 weeks. We took you back to the dr at almost 4 weeks and you weighed 9lbs 4 oz!!! You have turned into quite the little piggy. Your Daddy and I love to laugh at you when you eat because you get so excited you start panting like a dog. You want your food and you want it now! You also don't like when we make you eat it slow so that you can make it last a little longer. When you are finished eating, we often give you a pacifier because you cry that there isn't more. You usually suck on that pacifier like you think if you suck hard enough, something might come out of it! You know better though - today you looked at my with big eyes after I gave it to you and your face said to me, "Yeah right, Mom - I'm not stupid. There's nothing there!"

I know that I will never be able to remember all of the things that you do throughout your life, but these are the sweet things I will always remember about you. You are already so unique and I am so proud to be your mommy. I never get sick of hearing people say what a pretty girl you are. You are my little miracle and I love you more than you know.

Happy one month birthday, Ava! You have brought more joy into mommy and daddy's life than you will ever know. We know that we have lots of learning to do but we love you so much and will always do what we think is best for you. You mean more to us than anything and no words could ever describe how happy we are that you are ours! You'll always be my sweet little girl.



  1. What a sweet letter to your baby girl!!! :)

  2. She is just beautiful, Sarah! Congratulations! Your letter to Ava reminded me of when Kate was just one month old...and now she's 4, time flies!! I'm glad I can keep up with you and how everything is going through your
    blog. Take care!

  3. Hey, that brought tears to my eyes. I never knew how much I was going to love being a mom until Elizabeth came into my life! I can't believe she'll be 1 next month! CRAZY!! I can't wait to see everyone, we'll be in AR from 24 Nov-6 Dec, can't wait to see you and your beautiful family!


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