Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So far this week..

We haven't had a whole lot going on here in the past few days. It's been kind of quiet, but that's ok. Sometimes those are nice days. We're in the process of trying to get Ava more on a day/night schedule that matches our own instead of being awake all night. Sunday night she was awake all night so she slept all day on Monday. Then she was awake all day on Monday night too. Not fun... So I've been trying little things to keep her awake. I've had all the windows open and all the lights on during the day. I even leave her light on while she's napping. When she's awake at night time, we keep all the lights off. I've also been putting her in her crib to nap and not wrapping her up like she likes. I've noticed this way she doesn't go into quite as deep a sleep and she wakes up more often. She did great with this yesterday - in fact, I tried to get her to take an afternoon nap and she just wouldn't. We had much better luck with the sleeping last night as a result. Today wasn't quite as good as yesterday but it was still better than it has been. She was awake for quite a bit but alot of the time today she was cranky whereas yesterday she was pretty content. Hopefully we'll get this worked out soon.

She just continues to keep us entertained. I have started getting some big, awake smiles. They are so cute and I love it when she does that. She's also getting extremely alert and is looking around and focusing in more on things. Yesterday I had her laying on her tummy and I looked away for a minute and when I turned back, she was holding her head up and looked from one side to the other! It was short lived, but she did it. She is also grabbing and holding on to things now.

It is funny to me how some things can startle her like crazy and others don't. Today I was working on organizing some things in her room while she was napping and I wasn't exactly being quiet. She slept right through it. Then later on I was feeding her and she was asleep, and she burped so loud she scared herself and woke up! It was too funny. I love watching everything about this sweet girl. She's so wonderful!

I'm going to close with a few of the pictures. Some are just random ones I have taken and the others are some that Jon and Emily got for us! They are wonderful and we love them!

Sweet girl enjoying her Boppy pillow

Big eyes!

I can't get my pacifier so I will eat my fingers!

This last picture, along with the one I posted on a previous post are my two most favorite pictures of her! I just love her little face and these two pictures just make my heart melt every time I see them!


  1. I love that family picture! How precious!


  2. Okay...the family picture of the 3-way kisses as well as the last (bow) pic are my FAVORITE! So beautiful & you have to just go weak @ the knees when you see that look she's giving! Precious!
    Good luck w/ the daytime/nighttime schedule! Sounds like a good plan w/ the lighting, wrapping up, etc. They are all a/b routines & she'll adjust quick I'm sure! We didn't always give baths @ night, b/c Kennedy slept a lot @ night. However, baths WEAR them out & can be used anytime you need to wear her down extra hard...maybe b/f bedtime for her? We always did it on Sunday mornings (for ex.) b/f that she would be full, clean, bathed, & SLEEPY to make her sleep straight through service. Just an idea! Enjoy it all!


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