Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bath time fun and Ava-Bunny

First things first - I've been searching high and low for a new bath tub for Ava for a very long time. She's pretty much outgrown the baby tub, and it just takes so much water right now to fill up the regular tub and I hate wasting. I wanted an inflatable tub but just couldn't find one I liked. So, we saw that Ava's pal Caroline was sporting a new tub, and I looked for one and couldn't find it either. Yesterday I came home from work and this was sitting on the counter:

Zach went and bought it yesterday while out yesterday. We're copy-catters but it was a super cute tub and it does the job perfectly. We try to buy gender neutral items in case we have a boy down the road, but Zach said she could have a pink bath tub! It's too cute - and it quacks when you squeeze it's beak! It made Ava giggle (which by the way is pretty much the sweetest sound in the world to me!).

First meeting - eyes wide with fascination

Giving it a test before bathtime

She was focused on all of her toys, she wouldn't look at me the entire time

But we did get her to look tonight

Today we went to NWA to do a few things. Can you believe it's almost April and soooooooooooo cold! It was snowing so hard up in Rogers/Bentonville. Craziness!! We spent some time at the mall and then had lunch at Abuelo's. I couldn't believe how hard the snow was coming down. We were back in town by about 3:00 and did a few more things to round out the afternoon.

Oh, and check out this cute Easter bunny!


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeee! I love it!! We need to have a pink-ducky-bathtub party! :) Won't they just LOVE that when they are 14?! Maybe they can "swim" in them this summer!

  2. We may be copy-catting the pink ducky tub too!

    That pic of Miss Ava with the bunny ears is ADORABLE!!!

  3. The duck tub is adorable! I agree with Jen - y'all should have a bathtub party! I love the bunny ears, too... so cute.

  4. Awww...she's the cutest little bunny ever! I love the ducky tub, cute.

    I forgot to tell you how I know Joanie. We went to Trinity and Southside together. I haven't seen her in a very long time but that's why I love Facebook. She looks so happy and has such a beautiful family!!


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