Wednesday, March 25, 2009

These are the days

Life is screaming by in our household. Zach and Ava are on Day 3 of Spring Break and have had a good week so far. We thought Ava might be a little sick of her "daddy time" on Monday. I went home for lunch and she was leaning so far out of her Bumbo for me to pick her up. Then, Zach had plans to golf with my dad that afternoon and was getting ready to take Ava over to my parents' house so Stephanie my mom could watch her. (I guess Stephanie found better plans.) Anyway, when Zach was putting her in her carseat he told her where they were going and he said she started kicking her legs and squealing. Then, when they got there, she actually reached out for my dad. (Sidenote: Ava has typically not done well with my dad. For some reason, she would generally cry whenever he would hold her. In the past couple of weeks, she's really warmed up to him.) We joked that it must have been really bad at home if she wanted her Grandpa!

So, Ava ran a slight fever Sunday and Monday. It was never over 100. I don't know if she has just a plain old cold, or if she's teething. Check out this picture:

She's practically frothing at the mouth! And see her outfit?! Yeah, bibs are much needed now. She has been really congested and really snotty. Also, she has this intense determination to gnaw on anything.

And not only does she want to gnaw, she's fanatic about it. She starts panting and trying as hard as she could to shove chosen object into her mouth. The best was when she tried to shove my forearm into her mouth. So, really, who knows what's wrong with her at this point?

She's enjoying staying at home, but she has sure enjoyed getting out a little bit each day. I'm curious to see her reaction when she returns to school next week.

Oh, how much I love this sweet girl (and her daddy!)! I wish more than anything I was at home with them on Spring Break this week.

And on another note, can you believe it is supposed to be back down into the 40s this weekend? Isn't it spring??!


  1. With all that drool, I think you're right that she's getting ready for some new teeth. There are these little bandana type things that my niece used to wear (she was always soaked) and it was a nice change from the ol' bib. I believe my sis in law got them at Target.

    I think I forgot to mention that I went to the photogs website who did Ava's pics and they're just beautiful...I love that y'all did them at home.

    And as far as this weather goes...I don't even know what to think. I was trying not to have to buy anymore winter clothing. However, poor Miss Priss has a bunch of long pants that look more like capris now so I guess I'm gonna have to get a couple of things. Wouldn't want those precious ankles getting cold..ha!

  2. I know you would love to be home with your cutie. I love all the pictures. Hope you have a good week.

    Lisa :)

  3. I think you're right too that she's getting some new teeth. It seems like some sort of little cold or snotty nose always went along with my kids' teething too.


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