Monday, August 3, 2009

Crazy little girl!

The days just seem to be flying by. I can't believe how quickly time is passing. We had a wonderful weekend. Saturday I took Ava to her first birthday party! Miss Caroline turns 1 on Wednesday and had a party on Saturday to celebrate. Here is Ava with her gift for Caroline:

Ava had a wonderful time at the party. She so enjoyed all the other little kids and I think at one point she was so involved with playing that I could have left and she wouldn't have even noticed! It was a great party and we had such a fun time.

I wish I had done my silly things Ava does post a couple of days later. One day late last week, she started doing this thing where she will be playing or standing and will all of a sudden bend over and put her head on the ground and look between her legs! It's hilarious and I have no idea where she learned it. In fact, she did it once at the party and once after church this weekend. She thinks it is so funny too!

She is getting so good at her walking! She is becoming more sure of herself and is practicing a lot more these days! She had one moment where she took about 12 steps in a row!! She can do really well if she goes slowly, but a lot of times she gets excited and tries to go too fast. I have been trying to get a video of her taking a long string of steps and tonight I got a few steps when she decided to do her little trick! I figured the one with many steps would come later and that this one was a cute one to share! Enjoy our crazy girl!


  1. That is so funny she puts her head down like that - Eric does the very same thing! We just thought he was crazy!! He probably started about her age too and now he has graduated to just his head and feet on the floor and he will put his arms out beside him like he is flying. He is very proud of himself too!

    I can't believe she is starting to walk! Wow! So young - she must be advanced! :) All I can say is look out now!!!

    I wish we could have stayed longer at the party to play with all the other babies. Sounds like it was fun!


  2. love the head trick!!! sophie does it too. no clue where it came from ?! and she is the cutest walker ever!!

  3. How adorable! I love the video and still can't believe she's walking!

  4. The head trick is too funny! How cute. :)

  5. Too cute! I love it when she squeals when she loses her balance...she seems so excited and proud about her walking..just precious!

    Kate did the whole head standing thing, fact, we had another little boy over last weekend and he did it too. Must be a "baby thing"..ha! I's hilarious and adorable, too!!

  6. Sarah-
    So glad that you stumbled upon my blog and thank you for your sweet comment! Ava is beautiful and I can't believe that she's taking steps already! Luke was over a year old before he took his first steps and didn't really start walking on his own until 14 months- so Go Ava!!


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