Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend fun and party planning

It's hard to believe another week has flown by! It's been a busy one but full of fun. Ava did just fine this week with my cousin Lexie watching her. Zach is finished preparing for school and tomorrow is his first day! He is excited and ready to get the year moving.

Last night was an exciting night for us! Ava spent her first night away from the both of us!!! We dropped her off at my parents' house around 6:00 and had our first full night alone since having her! While I did miss her, it was so nice just getting to do whatever without toting around a baby! We went and had dinner. After that we saw The Ugly Truth, which we both laughed at all the way through. After that we headed out to the casino for a little while and just enjoyed not having to rush home to meet a baby-sitter! It was nice this morning not having to rush around getting ready for church. My mom and dad brought Ava to church with them and she was happy and excited when she saw us. However, she stayed up a little later than normal and didn't get much of a morning nap in, so even with an afternoon nap, she is still a tad cranky this afternoon. See?

Ok, so Ava's first birthday is coming up and I'm trying to finalize my ideas for her party. I didn't really plan on having a theme per se, but more like just going with some ideas based on the colors of the shirt I had made for her. I thought I had pretty much decided what I was going to do, so we went to a party store here yesterday to see if they had what I was planning to use. Zach found some Mickey Mouse plates and showed them to Ava and she got all excited and started grinning and laughing. Soooo, seeing as how after this year (ok, maybe next year) she will want some input into her party, should I go with what I was planning:

Or do I go with Mickey Mouse since he and Ava are BFF?


  1. Glad you guys were able to enjoy a night out! That picture of her makes me laugh...too funny. :)

    And maybe it's me being selfish...but I say go with your plan while you can! You can do Mickey next year. I'm sure she'll love it either way. :)

  2. Wow--glad you had a night away and had a good time together. I would go with your plan and you could do Mickey next year like Sarah said.

    I hope your husband had a good frist day with his students. I start with students on Thursday! Do lots of praying for me that day :)

    Lisa :)

  3. I can do everything else you were planning to do but just buy one package of the Mickey plates for Ava to use for her food/cake. You'll get your moneys worth from the pure entertainment that staring at Mickey will provide!!

    I'm super jealous of your night out...we have got to find a babysitter!! Glad y'all had fun!!!

  4. I can not believe she is a month away from her big day. Oh Sarah, it has gone by too fast. She is so beautiful!!!

    As far as the party goes, I would totally go with what you have planned this year. That is what I am doing for K. Because like you said- next year is going to be ALL about Mickey's Playhouse! :) (oh toodles.....haha) Mommy's get to be "selfish" for the first birthday. (or atleast that is what i am telling myself too, haha) Whatever you decide will be precious and I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. btw........this is Amanda, for some reason every time i post something today it is under a different account........weird! haha

  6. ok. so you know i'm ALWAYS going to vote for polka dots! ha! seriously ... i say go with YOUR ideas this year since she's too little to insist otherwise, and then when she's older, you can do what she wants. and i LOVE that cranky picture. it's fabulous!


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