Sunday, August 9, 2009

This and That

It has been fairly uneventful here the last week. Zach is back at work full time. Ava's in the middle of the marathon of different baby sitters. Her school doesn't start back for two more weeks so we're having to cover it with different people. We're lucky we have people willing to help us out.

Friday night we went to a party and it was a lot of fun. We haven't had a baby free evening in a really long time and it was nice to have an evening to ourselves. Aunt Stephanie was kind enough to baby-sit for us and Ava loves her so it worked out well for all involved. You can't tell it in this picture, but Aunt Stephy is one of Ava's favorite people. When she walks into a room, Ava gets so excited and wants no one but her!

Zach's first week at his job went well! He is making lots of progress on his room - he painted it this weekend and we are going to put it together tomorrow night. His first day of school is a week from tomorrow and so far he thinks it's going to be a great new experience. He's excited about getting started.

Ava is really mastering the walking. She's getting so good at it and seems to prefer to try it now before crawling. She is also quite resourceful in moving her things from place to place:

We are also letting Ava try more and more food. She loves trying new things and so far this girl is not a picky eater. She's been enjoying fresh blueberries and strawberries and is a big fan of them. She also likes using her teeth to bite things - like pizza!

I'm hopeful these next couple of weeks aren't too rough on Ava with lots of new faces watching her. She typically adjusts well so I'm praying she has a good week. And I hope you all have a good week too!


  1. I love the picture of her walking with her sippy cup - so cute!!

  2. I bet she will do fine with all the new faces. Glad his job is going well.

    I can't believe that she can walk. Love the pics.

    Lisa :)

  3. I love the sippy cup in the teeth! How funny!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hee hee...she's so cute walking with the sippy cup in her mouth! Love it! Glad Zach is getting settled into his new job!

  6. hope zach's year is going well!!! i get kids on monday. boooooooooo.


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