Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little bit of this.. and a little bit of that..

Tomorrow night is my first Pampered Chef cooking show!!! I’m excited! My 2nd one is Saturday afternoon!! WOO!! I’m actually cooking the same thing for both parties so I practiced them last weekend…photo(5) Can you say YUM?!!!!! These are called Kiwi Lime Dessert Cups! They were awesome! I took them with us to my parents’ house on Sunday and they were a huge hit! I’m looking forward to making them tomorrow night and am so happy to be having these parties!!!

Who else likes Words with Friends? I just wanted to share a word I played versus my sweet hubby Sadly, it didn’t put me that far ahead of him. Last time I played that game I was beating him by 70. He gets super lucky all the time by playing words that we’ve never even heard of!

And now for the little Miss. She has been SO cranky the last two days. I’m not sure what’s going on, but we’re definitely over the whining. I think whining is way worse than crying! She had been fighting this AWFUL rash…photo(7) Isn’t that horrible? I took this pic on my phone to send to my wonderful Dr. SIL! I just wanted to make sure what I was doing was ok. We think she had an allergic reaction to sunscreen!! She looked like this everywhere she’d had sunscreen put on, but her face was by far the worst!!! Both sides of her cheeks looked like this! Thankfully it didn’t seem to be bothering her and it’s mostly gone away! I called her dr. Monday just to see if we needed to take her in. They said to just keep using hydrocortisone and to give her Benadryl if she acted like it bothered her! Call me vain, but I was a little worried about getting it gone before her flower girl debut next weekend!!! Thankfully I think we’ll be ok! :)

That’s all! Tomorrow is FRIDAY, and that makes me a happy girl!!! :)


  1. Poor Ava! And I LOVE words with Friends!

  2. Yes, poor Ava! SO glad that rash is looking better!!! And way to go on that word!! Yummy dessert... have a fun time this weekend!!

  3. Those look SO good!! I want some! :) And awesome word...Patrick just got an iphone and we have been having quite the time playing each! Poor Ava...glad her rash is looking better though! Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh I am so excited for you and your first two parties -- you are going to ROCK them! umm, WWF is going to get me committed. Seriously --SO ADDICTED!! Poor sweet Ava, a sunscreen allergy?>? That is NO FUN! she is still cute as ever, even with her red cheeks...poor babe --glad it isn't bothering her too much! Happy Weekend Friend, I hope its a great one!

  5. Poor Ava and her rash! Glad it's clearing up! So, do you know what you'll be able to use for sunscreen now? Just another kind?


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