Sunday, May 23, 2010

My cousin’s wedding day!!

Yesterday was the much anticipated wedding day for my cousin, Lexie! I was a little skeptical about Ava being a flower girl just because of how she can be so shy. So here’s how it went:

Heading into church for the rehearsalFG1

The other flower girl was my cousin, Caroline, who is 4 weeks older than Ava. Two flower girls under 2 could have gone either way so we wanted to get in a lot of practice Friday night.IMG_9955 IMG_9959 This picture cracks me up. They’d start out together and then one would get ahead, remember they were supposed to have a partner, go back and get together, and then the other would get ahead. I love how Caroline is running in this picture to catch up to Ava!IMG_9966 The rehearsal went well. They both made it down the aisle so we had high hopes for the wedding.

This flower girl traveled with everything but her dress on to the church! What a fashion statement!FG2 These are the stairs where we spent the 30 minutes prior to the wedding. They are also the stairs Ava fell down face first about 15 minutes before the ceremony…. oops… And they did NOT sit like this for most of those 30 minutes.IMG_9980

Sweet girliesIMG_9987 IMG_9984 IMG_9986

So they actually made it down the aisle after small mini-meltdowns right before go time. Caroline left Ava in the dust and Ava took forever to walk down and wouldn’t hold her basket but they made it! Caroline ran and had a mix of crying and laughing and just wanted to find her mama. Ava had her fingers in her mouth the whole way down but I was just proud she made it! IMG_9994 IMG_9995IMG_9997 IMG_9998

The beautiful bride!!!!IMG_0004 IMG_0005

After the ceremony, the girls even went back down the aisle! I think they were just excited for another excuse to run free in church!IMG_0007IMG_0010 

Our family at the receptionIMG_0013 Me and Lexie IMG_0017  Can you see the goldfish in the centerpieces? So cool!IMG_0019 Ava, Mom, Grandma, and meIMG_0022

And just to keep it real…..IMG_0020

I wanted a picture with Ava and when I took her from my mom, she got mad and started pulling my hair. So she’s pulling my hair, Mom is trying to get her attention so she’ll stop and Grandma is laughing…. don’t ya love my face?

It was a fun wedding and I’m so happy for you and Jared, Lexie! Congrats!!! :)


  1. Ava was so very adorable this past weekend!! She & Caroline did such a great job, too!

  2. i know i already told you on fb, but she is the sweetest little flower girl!! I am so glad she made it down the asle!! I hope you girls have a great week, friend!

  3. Aww, she looks so precious!! And sounds like she did amazing, too. Love the keeping it real picture - too funny! :)


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