Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random update

So.. I can’t say much has really happened since my last post. Last week was super busy with it being the last week of school. Ava had a beach party 3 days and enjoyed playing in the water. She had another allergic reaction to a new sunscreen but we finally found one that works! Her new lunchbox also was ready just in time for the last day of school! IMG_0049

Ava is a major thief these days. She helps herself to whatever she can get her hands on… She really liked Mom’s Toms :)IMG_0052

She is also very much into helping. Her chore of choice is sweeping. She also helped sweep Friday night when we went to NWA to help my brother move into his new house. IMG_0057

We had a nice, busy Memorial Day weekend. We got a lot done around the house. Ava wasn’t feeling great so she wasn’t in the best of moods but we still managed to do some fun things. We went to a wedding and a cook out. We also went to a party for one of her friends at school. It was at a local place with animals, a hayride, and fruit picking! Ava wanted nothing to do with the animals but was all about picking some strawberries!photo (3) 

We watered our yard for a bit tonight and let Ava play in the water for a while. She needed a little help to get going. She’s so stand offish with things at first. Sometimes she warms up, sometimes she doest. That’s just Ava. IMG_0074 IMG_0085 IMG_0118

Can.NOT wait to see this little tush on the beach in a few weeks!IMG_0062

Look at this sweet baby. IMG_0122We have finally taken the plunge to remove the pacifier at bed time. She’d become a little too attached to it lately so we took it away two days ago. She only asked for it one time today. She laid down and went to sleep tonight without even making a peep! I’m so proud of her! I have a feeling she may still want it in the next couple of days but it feels good to have made some progress! Her new items of comfort are her goggie (doggie) and her blankey. It’s amazing how quickly kids catch on.

So, anyway. That’s what’s going on in our world. Anyone else amazed it’s already June?!?!


  1. She is just so darn cute!! I love her new lunchbox! So you are going to the beach soon? I hope it is oil free! I am glad you found a sunscreen that doesn't break her out. That is a crazy thing to be allergic to! Kudos on totally giving up her pacifier! She is a big kid now!! (now I have that Toy's R Us song going in my head).

    :) Sheri

  2. Her little bathing suit is soo adorable! Charli loves to sweep also, it must be a girl thing! She is allergic to Coopertone sunscreen also. It's really hard to tell for us which one works. After she started breaking out we used a different one and it didn't work good at all. I sprayed her several times and she still got red. It was a pain! Any suggestions?

  3. Ava is such a cute little girl, and I love her swimsuit!! Adorable!

  4. She looks like Cotton Candy in her bathing suit! I love it!!!

  5. So stinkin cute! Can't wait to meet her this summer =)

  6. Precious pics! Love the new lunchbox too! Where did it come from? Have fun on the beach!!

  7. She is soooo adorable! i love her lunch box too. Too cute!


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