Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day??

I say that with a ?? because of the “fun” we had today. Our weekend started off so well – we went to visit our good friend in LR and had so much fun. We went to church this morning and had lunch for Father’s Day…. and then took a fantastic trip to the ER!

We were sitting around and I was in one room and Zach and Ava were in another. She ran off towards me but detoured so we both thought she was with the other. She wasn’t alone very long, but when I found her, she’d been going through my purse and among other things she’d gotten into, she’d unzipped a pouch I had, opened a bottle of medicine and pills were scattered around her. We didn’t think she’d been able to take any but couldn’t know for sure. My mom called poison control and they said we really should take her to the ER since we didn’t know one way or the other.

Thankfully it wasn’t terribly crowded. It took about 25 minutes to get called to check in. We got to move right over and talk to the nurse immediately. The lady who checked us in was funny and told Ava she was dangerous. Ava kept pulling at her hospital bracelet and she said she’d be impressed if Ava could get it off b/c they were tough to get off……… she had it off by the time we were to the next window.

We had to sit back down for another 30 minutes before they took us back to a room. They put a monitor on her finger to measure her oxygen levels and her pulse.

I was concerned but considering she looked like this and was behaving in true Ava fashion, I was skeptical she’d gotten anything in her. This was before she managed to rip the monitor off. :)photo(4) And I know ERs are busy, but I called the nurses’ station to tell them she’d taken it off…. her monitor showed her having flatlined, and they never came to check. Good thing she didn’t seriously lose a heartbeat… it would have been way too late by the time they came to put it back on.

Anyway…. she was up and down off the bed, tried taking the keys and saying “bye-bye” thinking she’d get to leave, taking my shoes and wearing them, and even jumping on the bed. Considering this all happened while she was supposed to be napping, she got extremely upset and cranky after about 2 hours and finally fell asleep. photo(2) Of course, right after she fell asleep, they came to check her vitals. Nice timing. The dr came in again around 5:00 and said they really thought she was ok based on sustained normal vitals. We were told what to watch for and if any of that happened, to bring her back.

She’s been just fine this evening, acting like her normal self… into everything, super sassy and just Ava – and I’m so incredibly grateful she is. This could have turned out so differently and I’M SO THANKFUL the Lord was watching over her and protected her. It also goes to show that determined little kids can get through safeguards so even if we think something’s safe, there’s probably a way around it. Lessons learned.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for protecting our baby girl!

And even though our day didn’t go as planned, Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful hubby and Ava’s daddy. We are so blessed to have you~! Like I said at the hospital… you can golf any time, but it’s not every day you get to sit in the ER! ;) IMG_0270 IMG_0269

Here’s to a quiet week! ;)


  1. Bless your heart!!!! Thank goodness Ava is okay. Yeah, I learned my lesson one day when Scarlett was using my prenatal vitamins as a rattles and got the lid off. Pills went flying everywhere, but thankfully I was right there and heard the disaster. Well, Happy Father's Day to Zach anyway!!!!!

  2. Thank gosh that Ava is okay! I can only imagine how scary that was for you all.

  3. Scary scary!! So glad Miss Ava is okay!! hope you guys have a VERY UNEVENTFUL week!!! :-)

  4. Poor thing! Glad she's okay!

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