Monday, June 14, 2010

I figured it was time for a real post…

I know it’s been a while, but it happens. We’ve been busy just enjoying time as a family since we have less to do in the evenings.

A couple weeks ago we went to visit Zach’s family over the weekend. Ava of course enjoyed being the center of attention. Since our big girl is now completely pacifier free (yay!!!), we knew she would need a distraction in the car and invested in a dvd player. She would have made this trip ok but we have a long one coming up and we’ll need it then. She enjoyed watching “Mouse” (as in, Mickey Mouse).IMG_0135 She also got to play outside… IMG_0152 …and wander down by the lakeIMG_0168 …and play on the playground.IMG_0183

She had a very fun time!

While her daddy golfed yesterday afternoon, I took her swimming for the first time this summer. She scares me to death… mainly because she isn’t afraid of the water at all!!!! She would have jumped off the diving board if I’d let her! I ordered her a new floatie a while back for our beach trip but it was back ordered and we haven’t gotten it yet. It should be here soon though! Yesterday we just had to wing it.

Putting her face in the water...IMG_0206 IMG_0212 IMG_0211 She loved jumping off my legs into the air and would go down all the way under water. Not afraid one bit…

When I made her get out to dry off a bit, she helped herself to some crackers..IMG_0214IMG_0213 

And a few pictures from today..

Wearing her bandana from a birthday party a couple weeks agoIMG_0222

I captioned this one on facebook: “Ummm… when did she become a teenager??!” Seriously….. she looks like a 13 year old doing this! :)IMG_0218

Okay, so that’s a good enough update right? I’ll leave you with a funny story from today. Ava’s showing a lot of interest in potty training but we aren’t pushing it. Today while I was home for lunch, she ran off and I went looking for her, and she was sitting on her potty (with her shorts and diaper still on), going #2! I guess it’s good she at least knows where to go to do it! She just hasn’t put it all together yet! :) Love that kid!

Hope you are having an enjoyable summer too! :)


  1. Our kids would get along great! Mickey Mouse is a favorite around our house.

  2. Thanks for the update Sarah! Ava is getting really growing up and too cute. I am glad you are enjoying your summer...I know I am just not being at work :)

    Lisa :)

  3. so glad you guys are having such a great start to summer :) Im glad we are friends on facebook, otherwiise I would have been worried about you! haha! Have a GREAT week!

  4. What fantastic pictures! sounds like you are having fun.

  5. Hey Sarah...I can't believe how strange my above comment sounded...with lots of bad grammer...but I guess you understood it :)

    I just was ready for a change and decided to apply for a transfer in my district...and I got it. I was offered this transfer and I am taking it. My "old" school was 92% free and reduced lunch (realy poor) and my "new" school is 62% free and reduced lunch (less poor). I am excited about the change...just a lot of work to move and get set up in my new classroom.

    Thanks for sticking with me during my "non-blogging" days.

    Lisa :)

  6. What a beautiful family you have! Glad to hear you are having a blast during summer! I know you what you mean about being scared of the water, my son LOVES the pool and we have one...and its scares me to death!!
    Thank you for sharing


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