Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lake Michigan – Part II – Trip to Notre Dame!

When we found out we were going to Michigan, Zach mentioned he’d love to visit Notre Dame. He’s always wanted to go there, and on Sunday afternoon we did just that!

The campus was simply beautiful!! LM019

Ava caught a bunch of rides this day!LM020 LM021 LM022

Ava wasn’t behaving so well while we were in the bookstore. She had to go outside with my dad for a while to calm down. Not every child can say they’ve had a spanking on the Notre Dame campus…… but Ava can! She was not behaving and kept running off and almost opened the fire exit and set off an alarm! Thank goodness we caught her!LM024  This building had some neat gargoyles on the side!!LM026LM031LM029 LM030LM037LM035

So this is the grotto at Notre Dame. People go here to pray and there are candles you can light.    LM038

Unbelievably, this caught on fire Monday night!

There’s kind of a joke about me and traveling after my trip to Nashville – and now this happening at Notre Dame after we left! No one is going to want to travel with me anymore!

Some old men stopped to talk to Ava on her way to see the duckies! LM039LM045 

Football stadium!LM047

Across the street from the football stadium, is this building with a picture of Jesus on it. From the stadium, this is behind one end zone and it looks as if Jesus’ arms are raised in the touchdown signal, hence the name Touchdown Jesus.LM050LM212

It was so fun to visit here! We had such a fun afternoon. We ended our trip with a visit to the yummy 5 Guys Burgers & Fries – yuuuum!image I’m a little overwhelmed at some of the rest that I want to share – it’s a lot! But I’ll get to it when I get to it! :) happy Wednesday!


  1. My husband is going to be so jealous of you guys! He is the ultimate ND fan! He has been there once & said it is gorgeous!! I would love to go some day also!

  2. It might be stupid to say... but I really didn't know ND was in Michigan! I am sitting here wondering where I really thought it was??? Maybe the East Coast?? Hmm.. well, ya learn something new everyday! lol

  3. I didn't make that very clear, did I? ND is actually in South Bend, Indiana. We were staying right on the Michigan/Indiana border and was about 30 minutes away!

  4. aww Im so jealous! Ive always wanted to go visit Notre Dame! Its a beautiful campus. Thank you for the comment, My cousin is Dane McNally!

  5. I have a good friend who just graduated from Notre Dame! SUCH a pretty campus. Ava is just precious, too!

  6. Hi Sarah - I'm answering your question from my blog. I'm in Fayetteville, so probably not far from you!

  7. I had to check in to hear about the rest of your trip and I am sorry but I laughed so hard I cried when you talked about the grotto catching on fire after you visited it. Totally reminded me of your Nashville trip. That is the best laugh I have had all day. :) You are right - I am pretty sure I don't want to travel with you! I mean, it is not funny it happened, but of course it did! LOL



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