Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lake Michigan – part III

One morning we headed to an outlet mall about ten minutes away while the guys were golfing. I took Ava’s stroller, and unfortunately she wanted nothing to do with it. So as we walked past customer service, she saw one of these bad boys and climbed in. LM208Best $6 spent that day, and that says alot, since I bought a Coach purse! It worked well because Ava is in this phase where she loooooooooooooves keys and loves climbing in the driver’s seat while screaming “I drive”! Sorry, sister, don’t think so unless it’s this car or your Cozy Coupe.

In St. Joe where our friends live, they have an area that is being developed into a boardwalk atmosphere! My mom and I were driving and saw this building that said “Carousel open!” So we went in and found this GORGEOUS carousel!LM060Of course Ava wanted to ride! She’d never ridden one before and loved it! I love how she just stood and stared at it!LM059 My mom rode with her first, and she wouldn’t get off after the first ride (go figure!). So I rode with her the next time. We also had dinner down there that evening and she got to ride two more times! When she went back that night and saw it, she said “OH!” like she knew just what was going to happen! Cute! LM063LM065Lm210

The next few are just some beach pictures from a few of the days. Ava put her feet down that first night, but after that would NOT put her feet in the sand. She kept putting her legs out when someone made her try to stand! LM078LM080

Sitting in the sand was another story – she had no problem with that! LM089 LM092

Like I said, she LOVED the water!!! (Don’t worry, someone was close by, just not in the picture!) She looks like SUCH a big kid out in the water like this!LM091LM078 2LM095

We tried to get some pictures family pictures on our next to last night but Ava wasn’t so cooperative so this is about the only good one we got and it’s still not all that fabulous.LM097LM098

Okay! Just have our last day to go! Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!!


  1. haha that car stroller is funny! glad she enjoyed the carousel, and i'm so glad you all had a great vacation!!

  2. Loving hearing about your vacation!

  3. Loved reading about your vacation...looks like so much fun! And the pictures are beautiful. I've never been to Lake Michigan, but it definitely looks like a good choice. Ava is getting cuter by the day!


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