Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Michigan – Final Part!

I’m finally blogging our last vacation pictures! I’m glad to have these going up so I can move on to blogging about other things!

Our last day there, it started out cloudy but then turned into a gorgeous sunny day!!! The waves were huge and fun to play in and it was the perfect last day!  LM099 LM102 LM105

So I mentioned before how much Ava disliked putting her feet in the sand. We tried to get her to do it so she could realize it wasn’t so bad. It took a little bit of coaxing, but she eventually was okay with it (after a little drama)!LM107 LM108LM110LM133LM143

The gorgeous house on the beach that I want to spend next summer in – ha! LM148

I know I talked about how much Ava loved the water and I think these pictures show it pretty well! Waves would crash over her head and she’d just laugh and go back for more! I hope she always loves the water this much!!LM117 LM118

WIPEOUTS!!!!!!!          LM155 LM156 LM157 LM173


She looks like such a big girl, just swimming away! :) She definitely had a wonderful week, and we did as well!LM185LM164

We had an amazing week at Lake Michigan and I can’t wait to go back again! LM204

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  1. The one with just her legs sticking out of the water is my FAVE by far! :) So much fun!!


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