Thursday, August 26, 2010

And now the rest of the birthday celebrations!

Earlier in the week, my parents had us over for dinner and my dad made my favorite meal he makes (brisket) and my mom made my favorite cake she makes (german chocolate!)! It was a yummy meal!

Does that look so good or what?!IMG_0899

Someone (besides me) was excited about dessert!IMG_0935


My actual birthday was a WONDERFUL day (minus the drive from school to work where I cried because I left Ava at school crying. She was sad and when I left she had her arms held out to me and was screaming “mama, mama” and it broke my heart) :( But the day significantly improved after that!

I got to have lunch with three of my old co-workers. I loved working with these ladies and we all had so much fun working together even under awful working conditions. I miss seeing them every day but am thankful for sustained friendships!

During the afternoon, we had dessert compliments of my awesome boss! photo(7) Oh my gosh, was this good! It was a 10 layer torte and it had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cake as well as some other goodies in it! Delish!IMG_1031

When I got home, my sweet girlie was waiting on me with this:IMG_1012

I think I had way too much dessert. Thankfully there was lots to share. I also got a new pair of my favorite shoes! I got a pair of black canvas Toms! These shoes are soooooooooo comfortable!


I was also told during the day to come home and get ready quickly because we were leaving about 10 minutes after I get home. Zach had arranged for a baby-sitter and we headed for a special birthday date at one of my favorite restaurants – Abuelo’s! YUM! We don’t leave Ava a whole lot so it was nice to have a date night for ourselves. Thanks so much for planning that, Zach! It was such a great night and it was a wonderful birthday!!

Thanks to everyone for the sweet birthday wishes and for all who made it a special day. I am beyond blessed!

Now, it’s on to planning the big 2nd birthday! I got the invitations today and I’m so excited for her party!!!


  1. that torte looks amaaaazing.

  2. Oh my, those cakes look GOOD!

  3. Mmmm all the desserts!!! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Ok, that torte cake looks AMAZING! So glad your birthday was a success : ) I've always wanted to try Toms, so now I may just need to get a pair. They look extremely comfy!!

    Have a great Tuesday!


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