Friday, September 3, 2010


Yeah, that's me.

So I’d love to say that I’ve been MIA for some exciting reason, but sadly it’s just been because we have been SO busy. And that busyness has not been exciting at all.

Here’s some randomness to hold you over until I have time to write a real post:

  • Yesterday was the first day in a week that Ava has not cried when I’ve dropped her off at school. She’s definitely a creature of habit and changing it up is sometimes very difficult for her. (however today did not go so well!)
  • It’s now September which means my baby is almost 2 – how in the world can that even be possible?!?!? Look at this big girl! Not much baby left...



  • Razorback football starts THIS weekend. Get excited, people! I can’t wait! Woo pig sooie!
  • I could not be any more excited about a 3 day weekend. Period. The end. I’m ready!
  • I'm beyond ready for cooler fall temps! I can't wait to pull out my hoodies and cozy cold weather clothes!
  • Work has kicked my butt this week - it's been incredibly busy. But, I've never been more thankful that I have a place to work even if it does wear me out! Not to mention, Pampered Chef has been very busy lately (which is a GOOD thing), so that adds a little to the exhaustion!
  • Did I mention I'm ready for the 3 days weekend? :)

Happy Labor Day Weekend to you all! Be safe, have fun, and GO HOGS!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh, thank GOODNESS it's finally Friday! Per usual, Ava looks precious in her little outfit : )

    Have a great, relaxing weekend and...

    GO HOGS!!


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