Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another birthday celebration!

The night before Ava’s birthday we celebrated with my family. My older brother was in town and his birthday was Monday so we got to celebrate his too.

Anyone remember how upset I was with Ava’s cake last year?? I gave them a 2nd chance and thankfully this year I was not disappointed!IMG_1306IMG_1320 IMG_1319IMG_1331

Blowing out candles!!! IMG_1339

Ava with Uncle Greg – we sang and let him blow out candles on Ava’s cake too!IMG_1347 IMG_1354

Zach and I decided we were going to get Ava a slide for her birthday. I think she pretty much knows where every slide in our city is – she finds them in places we’ve never even passed before. Girl loves to slide! She has loved this and has slid her little heart out all week!!IMG_1365IMG_1367 As soon as she saw it, she took her hand and wiped the bow off, because, duh, you can’t slide with the bow on! :)IMG_1368Picnik collage A few of my cousins came to the party with my grandparents and Ava was a great sport at sharing her slide and taking turns!!IMG_1375 Opening some other gifts! IMG_1395IMG_1397IMG_1402IMG_1403

Thanks to Uncle Greg, Ava is now a fish owner. He got her this lovely little fishy. IMG_1407Poor little fish. Ava had no clue what it was and when I handed it to her to look at, she started shaking the container. Oops!IMG_1408 

Although it wasn’t exactly a birthday party, we had another get together Sunday evening since another brother was in town. Remember Stephen??? Well, he has met the sweetest girl through that post and they came down Sunday and we got to meet her! Hopefully I’ll be able to give more of an update on that down the road! She picked out some really great gifts to bring to Ava. She got some tutus, a new cell phone, and even a tiara!  IMG_1427

Isn’t this cute?! Ava LOVES this tutu!! She got another one as well, but for some reason, she has a preference for this one!IMG_1431

She put it on last night to do some sliding!IMG_1437

And again this morning before we left for school.. such a silly girl!IMG_1442 

Ava had such a wonderful birthday and is such a lucky little girl to have so many people to celebrate with her!!!! We are certainly blessed and so thankful!!


  1. Sarah you are too sweet! Thank you so much for letting me come be a part of Miss Ava's birthday : ) SO great to meet all of y' have such a wonderful family!

    Glad she is getting good use of of those tutus ; ) Can't think of a more darling person to wear them!

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